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  1. Hello there, my name is Robert and I am originally from Texas. I am one of the new, new folks. I am a Leo an dmy hobbies include excesive drinking,cigar appreciation and reading. Currently I reside in Medford, OR. I spent time in the Navy, pent time working a few jobs. Now I have nothing but free time on my hands, Wife suggessted I get back into writting... so wham here I am.
  2. Clev stumbled out of the transport carrying his overstuffed duffel bag. Nearly tripping his feet touched the soil of Terra. The world seemed much more different then Gault. He tried to throw his best smile forward, He set his bag down and opened it. He took out a cloth wrapped pasty that his mother had made for him, He also took out a canteen full of lemonaide. He drank Starfleet Academy in. Inside he was so scared. He drank in the site of the Golden Gate Bridge, He had made it here. It was time to make a name for himself, He wasn't on Gault any more. he certainly was going to be an addition
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