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  1. Ah, good point. See its always best to ask! Thank you :-)
  2. Cadet Talya Robins stepped out of the transport, and took her first breath of Starbase 118's air. It was crisper, cleaner, than the air on board the transport; she'd booked an earlier flight on a commercial transport so as to avoid the rowdy mass of cadets streaming from the Academy. And she'd made the right choice, too - even if she did have to suffer the stench of two slightly drunk Klingons who obviously hadn't seen the inside of a sonic shower in a few weeks. As she looked around at her new surroundings, her crystal blue eyes flicking from area to area, she tried to make a mental note of w
  3. I have a really stupid question. Is it okay for my character to be pregnant?? I have some ideas for a cultural thing, (not explicit stuff) that i think i could use. Is it allowed or should i leave that be? Thanks! By the way, I'm new here!
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