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  1. From this page: http://www.starbase1...simming-basics/ "While our organization officially recognizes the script format (explained below) as our primary format for simming, some members choose to write in fiction format. While script format uses a layout that tends to be action oriented and is often not easily recognizable by anyone outside of film or theater, the fiction format is what most readers are accustomed to seeing in books. The fiction format follows the generally defined rules of using quotations to mark dialogue, and paragraphs to mark actions. We prefer script format, but fiction format is allowed." I just want to be sure. There are games under SB 118 that do allow "fiction format", correct? And if so, what are their name(s)? THANKS!
  2. Welcome to the fleet. I hope you enjoy your adventures here

    1. TurkHawkings


      Thank you. I am really looking forward to it all.

    2. Renos


      What duty posts are you most interested in.

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