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  1. I’ve been skimming at a very shallow level over the yahoo groups for the games here. As I’ve said elsewhere I used to RP some time ago. In the game I used to play, it was very common for players to write dialogue for one another’s characters. This was based on previous posts from the author and character biographies. Where there was a lot of interaction we tended towards writing a joint post usually over MSN, but sometimes via e-mail. I’m noticing a lot of posts published to the groups with reply tags waiting for another player. I always regarded the post published to the group as the finished article. These aren’t intended as criticisms or challenges, I appreciate every game has its house rules and own way of doing things. My questions are: What techniques (tricks of the trade so to speak) do you go about writing posts between characters? Is it ever acceptable to put words in another character’s mouth? If so, when? Edit: ignore this one, I found the policy, it's sensible. What quality controls are in place for biographies and posts?
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