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  1. Feeling nostalgic for my crew and ship :(

  2. It was sooo, much fun!

    I can't wait to blow up the forums again!

  3. we must blow up the forums again sometimes lol

  4. Tressa

    MAY/JUN "Internal Flames"

    He was working at the desk; always working, he would not rest, would not stop. Not until he knew how to destroy them. There had to be a way, you just had to find their weakness; and find it he would. A bead of sweat rolled down his aged face as he leaned closer to the simulation he was running. The flames of time had stolen his once youthful looks. So many days and years locked away in the lab that had become his home. His life had passed so quickly; a constant stream of sequences, DNA, simulations, profiles… but he would have his revenge… oh yes… Time had changed his home, his life, his looks
  5. The Sundering of the Exile's House, Is but the Herald of Betazed's dispair, A Maiden of Ash atop her steed, An Iron Dragon, The Harbinger of Death, Dragon with Dragon within illusionary womb, Ash Maiden returned to the Cradle of her Madness. The Iron Dragon, The Shadowbeast, The Harbinger of Death, Robbed of its senses by the Maiden of Ash, Shall belch her great fire upon lands of wheat, And scour it clean of all life, As the Exsanguinators, Slaves of the Iron Dragon, Stand trapped in Fevered Mind. The Exsanguinators, Swimming in the Stars, Blood of the Iron Dragon, In the aftermath of the Mid
  6. Hiya. I'm a newly joined individual. I was excepted into the fleet after my Cadet Cruise in July this year and as such am still a little Ensign To answer your questions. 1. I sim whenever I can. I can usually do one sim a day That being said sometimes I won't sim for up to 4 days. It depends on the time I have and if I am waiting on other simmers. The longest sim I've ever written by myself took about an hour & a half. Recently I wrote a much longer sim with another member of my crew which took 3 days, where I spent about an hour a day writing a little bit. 2. I spend the majority
  7. Lol, I know where you're coming from Nimue... It is progressing VERY fast! Very is a mild expression here - you had first kiss and next get to bed, lol! I know it was just sleeping but... ::scratch, scratch... snif:: Lol. Personally I don't see sharing a bed and just sleeping as a bad thing... I mean it's just sleeping. But apparently Aussies are very wanton in their attitudes towards such things... So maybe it's just me
  8. Lol, I know where you're coming from Nimue... It is progressing VERY fast!
  9. Hiya Nimue! Wow, top sim contest? :: blush :: I didn't think it was *that* great a sim. But thanks for the complement I did read over it, it looks fine. The symbols only seem to appear after it is posted to yahoo groups, so I'm not sure what the deal is with those ~Tressa
  10. O copied the photobucket link into it :)

  11. how do you get you banner in the about me thing

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