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  1. Feeling nostalgic for my crew and ship :(

  2. It was sooo, much fun!

    I can't wait to blow up the forums again!

  3. we must blow up the forums again sometimes lol

  4. Hiya. I'm a newly joined individual. I was excepted into the fleet after my Cadet Cruise in July this year and as such am still a little Ensign To answer your questions. 1. I sim whenever I can. I can usually do one sim a day That being said sometimes I won't sim for up to 4 days. It depends on the time I have and if I am waiting on other simmers. The longest sim I've ever written by myself took about an hour & a half. Recently I wrote a much longer sim with another member of my crew which took 3 days, where I spent about an hour a day writing a little bit. 2. I spend the majority of my time simming. After that, probably on my ship's forum. There are other activities you can do to help out though, like the wiki. Due to my work and other commitments, I'm sticking with simming right now. The beauty of the group is, you only need to give as much time as you have. 3. I Love Star Trek. But believe me my knowledge is not that great, I only started getting into Star trek after the most recent movie. My biggest fear after joining was my limited knowledge about the trek world would be a huge disability for me. I couldn't have been more wrong! As an officer on my ship said to me: sim what you know, the Star Trek stuff will come later; and she was right! As for research, if I am stuck I usually head straight to Memory Alpha, ( http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Portal:Main ). I don't spend vast hours glued to my screen looking up trek stuff, but if I know a certain something is coming up in a sim, or has been mentioned in a sim, I can usually find it, or something similar, on Memory Alpha. 4. Before joining UFOP the only writing I had done was short stories that I kept hidden away in the deepest, darkest parts of my house. UFOP is the only time I have done anything even remotely 'public'. So my writing experience is not vast. During a Cadet Cruise you get shown the style the group sims in and after you get assigned to your ship and ( If it's anything like the amazing USS Victory ) you will be assigned a mentor, who answers your questions, and helps you along the way. So you don't need to be an accomplished author, I know I'm certainly not I hope that was helpful! Take Care ~Tressa
  5. O copied the photobucket link into it :)

  6. how do you get you banner in the about me thing

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