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  1. Congrats Idril and Alana! I really enjoyed this month's challenge... definitely going to take part in the next one as well.
  2. Erm.... not to rush anyone or anything... but when can we expect the results to come out?
  3. (( Brekkian Valley )) The stream flowed, twinkling crystal clear in the afternoon sun. The grass rippled gently in the cool breeze, which feathered out Delia’s brown hair. Kaia reached out and tucked the hair behind her ear, as the two lovers lay intertwined on the green carpet of grass. “What are you thinking of?” Kaia whispered. “Everything… all this is so…magical. I never expected this… I never expected to find you.” Delia answered, looking into Kaia’s wonderful green eyes. Smiling, Kaia leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Delia’s warm lips, sending a shiver of desire through her. Delia
  4. You can't edit your own posts after a certain time-period. The only thing you can do now is to delete that post, and post again. Or post in another post.
  5. Hey, I am a member.... a fan of his evilness.
  6. but they are as rare as the times when rourke is nice.
  7. Whoever was doing Janeway's hair in the first seasons deserves to be fired on the spot.... I mean... what was with that puffed up coiffe? She looks so much better with short hair.
  8. Rocket... I am going to pretend that you didn't just say that....
  9. Oh, much harder. She is a very strong character. If she was a real person, I would say that I respect her a lot.
  10. Oh... much worse, Devlin... much worse....
  11. Ssam.... watch what you say... it is borderline male chauvinism.... and you don't want to know what I do to male chauvinists.... :twisted:
  12. i blame paramount for that. janeway was supposed to get together with chakotay, but then that meant pairing seven off with kim, or worse, the doctor. so they cooked up this zero-chemistry romance btwn chakotay and seven, and portrayed janeway as a lonely old woman in the end. it is really not fair to her character, after all she went through and sacrificed for her ship.
  13. she does, when it is necessary. but her case is special. her crew is disparate, from all sorts of places, not a pure starfleet crew.
  14. kirk's was pure macho heroism, and that just puts me off. he also insists on doing everything himself. lessons of leadership no.1: a good leader delegates. and i learned that the hard way, so trust me when i say that.
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