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  1. Lots and lots of meetings with doctors and social workers and psychologists and nurses!

  2. This had better be as awesome everyone says it is!

  3. Hank Hedland: "You used to document everything about me. There was video, photos. There was a LiveJournal!"

    Me: "There was never a LiveJournal."

  4. This is me -- I wrote this. And I'm talking about this today to raise awareness about kidney disease, and about the process of donating a kidney.

    Please take a moment to read my story so far?

  5. Yes, gays, we began our modern movement with the Stonewall riots. But there's another important riot in our history that's much more similar to what happened in Ferguson, and what's happening in Baltimore: the White Night riots in San Francisco.

    When Dan White, the murderer of Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone, was sentenced to just voluntary manslaughter (instead of 1st degree murder, the original charge), gays marched through the Castro to City Hall, where things turned violent. Police were i...

  6. Anyone want a free iPhone 6, 16gb? Special deal for friends and family who are ready to switch to the responsible cell carrier, CREDO Mobile :) Let me know!

    (Remember: We fund progressive orgs, all our bills are printed on 100% recycled paper, we plant millions of trees, and punish right-wing Republicans.)

  7. Glucose solution is gross. Why can't they carbonate it?

  8. I had a dream last night that I was a ghost. If I touched someone, they could feel it, and could hear me (I remember spending a lot of time asking "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" and people nodding their head in awe), but otherwise I just floated around invisible.

    Either this is my subconscious creating an allegory for the modern condition or this is some kind of freaky-deaky foreshadowing and everyone should be on notice about my impending doom. KTHX.

  9. Hey, there's Zack Malitz!

    People, CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME CREDO Mobile deal! $125 off ALL PHONES (incl. iPhone 6!) AND 25% off your data plan for 1 year!

  10. If she's wrong, then why is this agreement being negotiated in secret? Why are corporations given special access to the treaty? If it's a good thing, what's there to hide?

  11. Have you voted yet this month? If you've ever signed a petition, or you are a CREDO Mobile or CREDO Credit Card customer (or still a long distance customer!) you have a vote! Vote now!

  12. There we go. We finally found the right comparison to highlight the complete ridiculousness of this situation.

  13. Overheard at See's Candy: "I don't have to pay for that. I get it for free every year from the Easter Bunny. Isn't that weird?"

  14. North Dakota: Call your legislators and tell them their vote against protections on the basis of sexual orientation is unacceptable. Just click this link and then your legislator's name: http://openstates.org/nd/legislators/?chamber=lower You can use the tool on the right to find your legislator if you don't know who they are.

  15. This is a great remix of the governor's interview this weekend. Simple yes or no answers are dodged every single time. "Do you think it should be legal to discriminate against gays or lesbians?"

  16. Why does everyone believe Schock will come out? He has no particular need to do so -- he wasn't involved in a sex scandal. He's just a run-of-the-mill, corrupt Republican. If he is gay, I doubt this will provide him with any impetus to be out.

  17. We are driving all over Hell's Half Acre looking for a shamrock shake. Slante, kids.

  18. People! Daylight Savings Time ends TONIGHT!!! Spring forward at 2am. In the time you read this, you just lost an hour of sleep.

  19. Hey LGBT activists and progressives: Here's a video from yesterday of NationBuilder's founder Jim Gilliam bragging to Glenn Beck about how NationBuilder helped Duck Dynasty start an anti-gay petition.

  20. Some of my earliest memories:

    1. Bringing to kindergarten show-and-tell a 7" vinyl version of Madonna's "Dress You Up" (b-side "Shoo-Bee-Doo");

    2. Being at the video store circa 1986 and being told by my mother to grab any video I wanted and choosing Madonna's "Like a Virgin" tour VHS.

    I've never had the chance to go to a show before now because the tickets were more than I could afford, but seeing as how there probably aren't too many tours left, I refuse to miss this one.


  22. "You just don't know when to stop, do you?"

    "Oh yes I do. When I hear the thump, thump, thump that tells me I've driven over something hard, and empty, like your head."

  23. That moment when you've been sick for days, and you're past the anger and annoyance and now you're in acceptance. You finally just give up and realize YOU WILL NEVER FEEL BETTER AGAIN. This is your life now -- constant, unending misery FOREVER.

  24. Whenever I check in on Yelp and it asks me if this place is good for kids I always say NO.

  25. Okay, I have asked a dude what this whole football scandal is about! We are all on the same page now. And I still don't care.

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