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  1. Jacque looked at the grandiose starbases dockyard. His dark brown hair and pale skin were luminicing in the bright light of the bay. He was thinking to himself "I've done it. I going to be going on a ship and exploring new worlds." It was Jacques dream ever since he was a little boy to join starfleet. He read about Picard and Janeway; those were his hero's. 

    He went onto the turbolift and arrived at the shuttlebay he walked up towards his ship. He saw many different races, all with one goal to preserve the United Federation of Planets, and to explore new worlds. He took out a photo of his family. He knew his family was proud of him. He put the reflected for a little while he picture away, and boarded the shuttle.

    He thought about his childhood. How good those years were. How hiked those mountain in the west of america. He loved nature very much. How he fell from a tree and broke his wrist. How his parent scorned him for climbing the tree with thin branches. He could not resist he had to know what was at the top.

    He reflected on his academy years, how he helped boothby almost every week with the roses. How he studied on that area of grass with the large tree. How many friends he made, how he lived of caffeine all those late nights of study. How he made friend with a cardassian Ero Gekro. He still contact him on a regular basis. He was going to miss the academy in a way.

    He took a seat on the far left side of the shuttle heading towards the cadet cruise. He looked out the window as they flew out of the dockyard and towards the ship. He thought "Wonder what use they will have of a exobiologist that specializes in microbes on this ship."  He was a microbiologist. He got his his exobiology degree with specialization in microbiology. He loved those small little lifeforms. 

    Jacque got out his PADD then a small little ensign said to him.

    "What are you doing on that cadet"

    Jacque replied "Reading up on different lifeforms in the sector."

    The Ensign said back "Well not as interesting as I thought"

    "What did you think it was"

    The ensign said sarcastically "Oh a lament on how much you miss your family. By the way what that giant case you got their."

    Jacque said "It my viola" he said very dryly

    "I know nothing about music. I better be getting ready for security checks on all of you before you get off. Got to go."

    Jacque was ready, the shuttle went into the shuttlebay. He was about to start a whole new adventure in his life.


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