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  1. Cadet Loman stepped off the transport and went right to the first bench he could see on Starbase 118. Loman sat right down and just contemplated life. He did not want anybody to know that he was in the bottom third of his class and barely got through most of his classes, or that he was finishing the academy at age 29. For a human male that seemed extremely late in life. At 5'9 and 180 lbs he wasn't the most athletic in his class either, in fact he was in the bottom tenth of his class in physical fitness. Loman's pale skin and light brown hair just blended in behind the scenes. How he was sitting you could not see his piercing blue eyes. Most would wonder what Loman is even doing in Starfleet.

    Full name: Valdivan Aaron Loman

    Interests:Diagnostics, target practice, historical holodeck programs in what is formally known as the United States of America.

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