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    Masha was done up to the T’s while still seeming toned down. Though anything she did stuck out among the Klingons. Their colors being anything that’s dark or blood colored. The smells in the air would stain any clothes, and smelling like BO and grease was not in the cards for one Miss Masha.

    Smelling like Gazkra might be a different story though… She snorted, one of those cutesy snorts, covering her face slightly as she did.::


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  2. I have complicated feelings about canon. 

    For RP I certainly appreciate having some clear idea of how the universe works, though in a lot of cases that also involves expanding on or making up stuff to have an example for things that might not be touched on in canon - e.g., 118 including Marines as part of Starfleet or some ships using additional variants for some roles. I am perhaps more fond of black collars for intel than I should be. :) 

    In terms of more general canon, well...Star Trek is a big, broad, (and as catscatscats mentioned above) often messy thing. I find stuff like DS9's we literally photoshopped ourselves into a TOS episode tribble shenanigans fun. I also very much tend to err on the side of viewing things as one facet of stuff, or factoring in that we have unreliable narrators and all that. Try to be cautious about leaning into what little we know to the point where it's very much a planet of hats situation.

    There's also the part where...well, some of the canon isn't that great. E.g., the evil mirror universe bi characters thing from DS9. People with my sexuality being the evil ones does put a damper on some of the optimistic future aspects for me. 

    There's still a lot about the setting I care about, but I try not to defend canon too broadly given that sort of thing being part of it.

  3. @Theo Whittaker


    (( Commander Whittaker's Office, The Hub, StarBase 118 Operations Tower ))

    :: Reports were never going to write themselves, much to the chagrin of Commander Theo Whittaker, who despised the necessary activity with the passion of a thousand suns. They were dry and analytical and often required their author to see the universe in black and white terms even when most people that it was rarely so. And so it came to pass that Theo was ensconced in his office, writing tedious crew evaluation reports for the bureaucrats at Starfleet Command well into the station's third duty shift, long after his own duty shift had ended. oO I doubt if anybody at Command bothers to read these, Oo he complained to himself, oO They probably get filed away into a database and left to gather cybernetic dust. Oo. He could understand that Captain Taybrim required such reports- and for him, Theo had no qualms or complaints writing them. After all, the man needed to know who was excelling and who was failing. Promotions, demotions (on rare occasions) and transfers to new departments were part of life aboard a Federation starbase- but why Starfleet Command wanted separate reports, Theo would never know. oO Perhaps they think Executive Officers have little do when we are leading away teams and backing up our Captains. Oo he thought to himself, oO Obviously, they have never stepped foot aboard 118. Oo. ::
    :: He was approaching the tail end of a report detailing the successes and 'areas for growth' for the Fleet Operations department, when a soft melodic chime drifted out of the speakers that had been carefully camouflaged within the walls of his spacious office. A moment later and Rustyy Hael's voice filled the room as though he were stood in front of Theo. oO The wonders of technology. Oo Theo often found himself thinking on such occasions. ::
    Hael=/\= Rustyy to Whit'aker, gotch’ya ears on? =/\=
    :: Theo smiled to himself. When he had first met StarBase 118's Chief Engineer he had been baffled by the man's 'unique take on the English language' and often found it extremely difficult to understand what the man was talking about. Over time, however, that confusion died as he spent more time with the Alaskan. Now, he found his colleague and friend's accent charming. ::
    Whittaker: =^= I have indeed. What can I do for you? =^=

    Hael: =/\= Yeah uh… ::he stuttered.:: Wha’ you be up too’s eh? =/\=


    :: Though Theo could not see the Chief Engineer, the tone in his voice left him quite sure the man was flummoxed by something. oO That's not like him, Oo he thought- Hael had always got ten solutions to a problem, oO This isn't work-related. Oo he surmised, his curiosity piqued. ::


    Whittaker: :: glancing at the report on his desktop interface. :: =^= Nothing that cannot wait. =^= :: it was true, the evaluations did not have to be sent to Starfleet Command for another week and being the very model of 24th century efficiency, thank you very much, Theo was already ahead of schedule. A small diversion would not hurt. oO Quite the opposite actually. Oo ::



    Hael: =/\= Well’s… I’s’a done got meself in’a spot an’ I could use yer helps… I’m’a puttin’ toget’r a babe shower few Aitas. =/\=


    :: One of Theo's eyebrow rocketed skywards, as though making a valiant attempt for freedom. Theo had heard of such things... but only in the history texts his father had forced him to read as a child studying for academia. He had never heard of one being thrown recently. oO No wonder he is confused. I thought it was an old human ritual. Oo. He certainly had a hard time picturing Vulcans engaging in such an event. oO Betazoids? Perhaps. Vulcans? I don't see it. Oo. He realised he was getting lost in his own internal musings and so centred himself for a moment before replying. ::


    Whittaker: =^= I see. =^= :: the ghost of a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. :: =^= I take it that you haven't got a clue where to start? =^= oO Would anybody? Oo. 


    Hael: =/\= I’s got’s some idea an’ all but, gosh, this ain’ no one man job, ya’know? ::he chuckled a bit.:: =/\=


    :: Theo's first thought was to suggest discussing the matter with one of the dozen or so events managers currently in the employ of the station's Civilian Oversight Committee, although he nixed that idea when he realised that the gathering would likely be too small for them to bother with- and he certainly could not see the station's Chief Intelligence Officer agreeing to hosting her own shower in a conference centre with five hundred or more guests. 


    No, this would have to be a small gathering of Aitas' family and close friends. Theo already guessed what it would mean. He would have to help Rustyy plan the shower. oO There truly is a first time for everything! ::


    Whittaker: =^= I'd be happy to help. =^=


     Hael::Rustyy pondered for a minute.:: =/\= Reckon we could meet ‘ere in my quarters an’ all… ::he looked at his sis. He hated that he was gone for so long leaving her alone for long bursts.:: =/\=


    Whittaker: =^= I'll be along to your quarters shortly, Commander. Whittaker out. =^=


    :: He leaned forward and tapped a small pale yellow button on the small console built into the surface of his mahogany table, terminating the communication. Rather than leaving, he took several seconds and leant back in his chair, his ghost of a smile now blossoming into a grin. A chuckle escaped his lips. oO This shower was probably Mirra's idea. Oo, his thoughts turning to his closest friends, who was currently away from the station. oO Wait until she finds out that Rustyy and I organised it. Oo


    He got to his feet and as he circled around his desk, heading out of his office, his chuckling turned into guffawing as he pictured Mirra Ezo's reaction.


    oO She'll have a heart attack. Oo


    (( Time Jump ))

    (( 45 Minutes Later ))

    (( Hael's Quarters - StarBase 118 ))


    oO Finally! Oo


    :: With a relieved sigh, Theo approached Rustyy Hael's door, a rather nondescript grey door, designed to identify the Starfleet officer billeted there. oO How strange he has such a plain door for somebody who is anything but plain. Oo. In the forty five minutes it had taken him to reach his destination, he had gotten himself lost. oO Note to self: never leave without my PADD. Oo. Two years ago, when he had first arrived aboard StarBase 118, the first lesson he had learnt was that one needed to carry a map of the station with them at all times due to it's immense size. Caught up in mental images of Mirra's horror at discovering what Theo and Rustyy were about to do, he had quite forgotten his trusty PADD. After wandering around the station's habitat area aimlessly, he had finally located a console which had led him to Hael's quarters.


    He reached out with one finger and tapped the console, a chirp confirming he had alerted the cabin's occupants to his presence. Seconds later, the door swished open with a hydraulic hiss. Rustyy Hael stood in the door way. Unexpectedly, Theo shivered as a waft of cold air drifted into the corridor. He put it aside as he looked apologetically at the Chief Engineer. ::


    Whittaker: Apologies for my lateness. I forgot my PADD and I didn't know where you lived. I'm more than a little embarrassed to say I got lost. :: his cheeks flushed pink either with embarrassment or due to another waft of cold air passing by- he was not sure which one. He glanced into the cabin. :: Should I replicate myself a thermal coat?


    Hael: ?


    :: Theo stepped into the room and found himself confirming that it was much colder than normal for Terran occupants. Of course, not every Terran came from the frozen wastes of Alaska. Although Theo himself, hailed from a mountainous region of Archer IV- even he found the current temperature in the Engineer's quarters rather hard to bear. ::


    Whittaker: :: not wishing to make a fuss. :: No, no. I'm a grown man, Rustyy. I will have to acclimate. These are your quarters. oO Although next time, we are meeting me in my office. Oo.


    Hael: ?


    :: There was a shuffling of feet and Theo turned his head in time to see Rustyy's sister stood in the doorway leading to what he presumed was her bedroom. He had only met Vivian Hael a handful of times since her elder brother was assigned to the station and despite her disability, he had often found her to extremely curious, if a little quiet. He smiled at her. ::


    Whittaker: Hello Vivan. How are you?


    Vivian Hael: ?


    Whittaker: Glad to hear it. :: he motioned to her brother :: I'm just here to speak to Rustyy about Aitas' baby shower.


    Vivian Hael/ Hael: ?


    :: Theo smiled once again at Rustyy's sister and then turned to her brother. ::


    Whittaker: I must confess that I don't know all that much about this ritual.


    Hael: ?


    Whittaker: You mentioned you had some ideas of your own?


    :: It would be a good place as any to start, considering that Theo had no idea where one would start. Given that Aitas was the first of his friends to give birth and his own upbringing on Archer IV that focused almost solely on studying or defying his father's wishes- Theo was completely out his depth. ::


    Hael: ?


    :: Catching sight of Rustyy's computer monitor he waved towards it as he crossed the cold cabin. His previous comment about replicating a thermal coat had been intended as a good natured joke, but he was now seriously considering it. oO How can anybody live with these temperatures? Oo. ::


    Whittaker: Might I? :: he touched the top of the monitor and looked at Rustyy, almost expectantly. ::


    Hael: ?


    Whittaker: Thank you. :: he swivelled the small device to face him and sat down in the chair next to a table. :: Computer, search the Federation database for information on a Terran pre-natal ceremony known as a "baby shower". :: almost as he finished speaking, another thought occurred to him. :: Computer, belay that. :: he looked up at Rusty. :: Perhaps we should expand the search parameters? Aitas isn't human, after all.


    Hael: ?


    Whittaker: Computer, search the Federation cultural database for Vulcan, Betazoid and Risian pre-natal rituals or celebrations and cross reference them with a traditional Terran 'baby shower'. :: he still could not imagine the idea of a Vulcan shower, but he would be surprised if Betazoids or Risians had an equivalent. oO Especially Risians. Oo.


    Computer: Working....


    Hael: ?





    Commander Theo Whittaker

    Executive Officer

    StarBase 118 Operations


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    ((Hallways - Starliner Meredia))
    ::Sal Taybrim had been headed towards the bridge.  At least he had intended to head to the bridge.
    Then the ship went holographically lopsided and Sal had to admit he was hopelessly lost.  That was quite unlike him - he had a fairly good sense of direction and he knew his beloved Starbase forwards, backwards and upside down.  But this wasn't his base and when each hallway and passageway kept shift both in aesthetics and arrangement... it was enough to get the even best navigator lost.  When one was simply a Captain with no special navigation skills... 
    Yep, he had no clue where he was.
    Turning another hallways that looked like it came directly out of an ancient sailing vessel he heard a splash.  And another.  And...
    His entire body jerked to one side, wrapped up in a bear hug.::
    Taybrim: Alia, if that's you--
    ::Oh.  Oh no.  It was not Alia Anders.  It was a giant octopus.  Oooops.
    A giant octopus with an old woman riding upon it.  Or caught in it.  What?
    The tentacled beast whipped the ginger Captain down the hallway and he slid on the wet floor until he came to an uncomfortable stop at a T-junction.  Well, that was really not how he wanted this evening to go.
    Sal picked himself up, half sopping wet, which did little to improve his mood or his appearance.  His traditional Betazoid garb of a long wrapped tunic and soft pants were now stuck to him like some sort of strange cold weather swimwear and half of his hair was sodden and plastered to his face.
    The octopus, however, cared little for appearances and long tentacles moved in for another hug, forcing Sal to scramble to his feet and slide down the hallway with an anguished gasp.::
    Doreln: ::The Elyasian's Captain's voice was somewhere nearby, but Sal couldn't pinpoint it::  Captain Taybrim?!  Is that you?  Are you OK?
    Taybrim: I'm alive and you have an octopus on your ship, is this normal?
    ::Which might not be the best conversation starter, but it was painfully true.::
    Doreln: What?  No!  What do you... ::She rounded the corner and screamed:: How did that get here?
    Taybrim: I was about to ask you the same thing!
    Doreln: This way! 
    ::She grabbed Sal's arm and pulled him down the hallway as a wave of water followed them. For a few moments he wondered if that odl lady was alright, caught in the embrace of a giant holographic octopus.  He didn't have much time to worry about that.::
    Doreln: If we continue this way we'll get to a higher deck near the escape pods.  That's a no-hologram zone for safety.  We should be able to sort things out from there.
    ::Escape pods?  A faint alarm bell rang in Sal's mind, not quite enough to connect the dots, but enough that he was on alert.::
    Taybrim: No-hologram zone sounds perfect right about now.
    Doreln: Just down this path... 
    ::She took a sharp turn and started heading for a ladder when the lights flashed off again.  When they came back on the ship's interior and the water were (thankfully) gone, and the octopus with it - but replaced by dark mahogany wood panels, creepy candelabras and looming shadows.
    and a dead end where a ladder should be.::
    Doreln: Oh, I hate this!  ::She said under her breath.
    Taybrim: What setting is this?  ::He queried, almost afraid to ask.
    Doreln: We did a horror cruise last month... ::She trailed off.:: Come on, I think there's secret passages in this one.
    ::A low howl filled the air.::
    Doreln: I hope that's background noise.  ::She frowned, searching for an escape route.::
    Taybrim: Sounds awfully close. 
    ::He started to peer around the corner when he saw a massive black wolf with red eyes loping towards them.  With... was that the same old lady on it?::
    Taybrim: Are you OK?  ::He yelled towards the lady.::
    Ardel: ?
    Doreln: Get out of the way!  ::She pulled the Starfleet Captain backwards as the wolf charged through skidding to a stop in the dead-end::
    ::There was a soft 'click' and something unlocked.  A bookshelf tilted backwards, dumping Elana into a darkened secret passage.  She disappeared with a cry and the bookshelf slid back into place as smoothly as it unlocked.
    Sal, meanwhile picked himself up off the ground to find a wolf on one side and... nothing on the other side.::
    Taybrim: Elana?  Where are you?
    ::No answer::
    Ardel: ?
    Taybrim: Who are you?  ::He asked of the older lady, his ginger brows furrowing trying to figure out if she was in danger or enjoying herself.::
    ::Truth be told he was trying to figure out if he was in danger or if the massive black wolf was just a spooky apparition.::
    Ardel: ?
    Captain Sal Taybrim
    Commanding officer
    StarBase 118 Ops
    "Why do we fly?  Because we have dreamt of it for so long that we must"
    ~Julian Beck
  5. Aitas has some training in Betazoid martial arts, though she can't use such to full effectiveness given that she's a touch telepath. The stuff she knows there is relatively balanced in style. 

    If she finds it necessary, she's willing to use that half-vulcan strength to put a pretty quick and decisive end to stuff, but that's too severe of a response for most situations. 

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  6. @Theo Whittaker

    (( Starliner Meridia ))

    (( Time Index: Approximately 10 minutes after Theo leaves the smoking room. ))
    :: Commander Theo Whittaker had taken his leave of Kasun, Taelon and the newly arrived Ensign Harper, intent on looking for the Zaldan man that had aroused his and the new counsellor's suspicions. He could not get the man's reserved demeanour in the middle of a room of excitable- and irate- passengers. It didn't make sense.
    His first idea was to ask the computer for information on the location of any Zaldans aboard the civilian starliner- only to find that there were six, three of which were guests- the other three being assigned to the staff. He then refined his search to identify the one Zaldan who had been in the smoking lounge and to give him his present location. Apparently, he was in a holography lab on the far side of the deck. With the information, he had set out in the direction- only he had failed to remember just how large the Meridia was.
    It was several minutes before he realised he was lost. Standing a cross roads, he looked down each of the three new corridors before him, stumped. oO It's like my first day aboard the station all over again... although without a renegade Starfleet captain trying to start a war with the Romulans... where on earth is this holo-lab? Oo
    He was about to ask the computer for directions when he heard a faint sound coming from his right. Giving it his full attention, he turned his head and strained to catch a detail that he could identify. It was faint, but melodic... oO Is that... music? Oo.
    He was half way down the corridor before he had realised he had begun walking again. The melody was growing louder, but with a distinct echo, as though it was being played in a chamber of some kind. Without warning, he shuddered involuntarily as he realised he was growing colder. Rubbing his arms to generate heat, he pressed on, beginning to hear details of the melody- and a vocal that was accompanying the music...
    "I just want you for my own,
    More than you could ever know,"
    oO Sounds like... classical music? Oo he pondered to himself, oO Rather lacking in finesse... not that I'm an expert... Oo.
    "Make my wish come true,"
    He reached an open doorway, where a list mist- likely holographic mist was spilling out around his feet. He peered into the room to find himself looking at some kind of winter wonderland- a kind of ice palace decorated with ornate icicles hanging from the ceiling and floor, the walls were decorated with snowflake patters. Temporarily blinded by the sheer beauty of the sight in front of him, it took him to several seconds to spot a truly gruesome sight. Somebody had been impaled by a particularly solid icicle, yellow blood dribbling from the wound and pooling on the floor, where the body was laying flat. At that the precise moment, the music came came to some kind of climax, having slowly built in intensity:
    "All I want for Christmas..... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis yoooooooooooooou!"
    The song changed track, bursting into some kind of high-energy, jaunty song as Theo darted forward and crouched down next to the man. He reached out a hand, intending to touch the icicle, but stopped himself- realising that he risked contaminating what he already suspected was the scene of a crime. Standing back up, he realised who he was looking at.
    The Zaldan he was seeking.
    oO Wonderful! Bloody wonderful! Oo he thought, the irony of his bitter rebuttal not lost on him. He tapped his comm badge, not looking away from the body.
    Whittaker: =^= Whittaker to Taybrim. =^=
    Taybrim: ?
    Whittaker: =^= We've got another situation. =^= :: they were never going to catch a break. =^= Another body has turned up. A Zaldan male. =^= :: beat :: Computer, identify Zaldan male.
    Computer: DNA scan identifies Zaldan male as Akal-Teke, guest.
    Whittaker: =^= Did you get that, sir? =^=
    Taybrim: ?
    :: Theo was about to reply to his Captain, when a shrill, piercing scream interrupted him. Whirling around, he saw a Benzite lady stood in the doorway, looking at the sight before her, hands against her blue, tendril-laced cheeks. Judging from her elegant gown that appeared to be made of ice- or a fabric approximation of it- and an outrageously large blonde wig on top of her head, she was a guest. oO Oh no... Oo. ::
    Whittaker: =^= Sal... I'll be right back, I'm about to become a murder suspect. =^= :: he tapped his badge again and started walking towards the Benzite. =^= Ma'am, this is not what it looks- =^=
    :: The rest of his sentence was drowned out by another high pitch scream as the Benzite fled down the corridor in terror, her wig slipping off her bald head and landing on the floor in an unceremonious heap. ::
    Whittaker: =^= Whittaker to Taybrim. Sal, I'm going to need a lawyer.... =^=
    Taybrim: ?
    Commander Theo Whittaker
    Executive Officer
    Starbase 118 Operations/USS Columbia
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  7. Quote

    ::Antero Flynn. Aelia had met him in passing once, and not in person. She was speaking to Mirra over a subspace comm when she'd been stationed on the Columbia. There was a half naked Risian in her room at the time, and some explanation about it being holo-movie night and Flynn took that term "Make yourself at home" far too literally. He'd flicked a "Hello" her way and called her Sweet Pea. From anyone else, it would be maddening. From him? Half reclined on Mirra's couch with a mouthful of junk food, it was somehow endearing. She'd heard he was stationed here, but hadn't had the chance to officially introduce herself yet. The ongoing joke that he was doing his part to populate the universe seemed to be extremely accurate. However, she was keeping that little bit to herself.::

    Yep, that sounds like Flynn alright

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  8. Quote

    Shortly after Flynn moved into the Helm Chief position, his staff began referring to him as "Casanova". Neither he or Mirra knew the reference, and had to look it up. Once he discovered the meaning behind the name, he refused to answer to anything else for a week. 

    Color me completely unsurprised.

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