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  1. I have recently joined this group and gotten my training email today. I attempted to reply but the email reply I sent was bounced back saying I didn't have posting rights for the group.

    I believe the problem stems from my using my @me.com email address to register. My iPad/iMac SENDS email from that address through the @icloud.com server which is why I don't think it's letting me post.

    I have sent emails to the steward and the xo of my training so far but want to get this resolved ASAP.

    I ALSO have a yahoo email which is tied to my google accnt but did not use that one as it gets spammed a lot and I didn't want to lose my sim posts.

    Can anyone help me get this resolved. Should I resubmit my application under a new email? Or can it be changed by the admins?

    Also my iPad auto corrected my characters name so it is also incorrect.


    Armando Arviso

    Aka JORAN Sek

    Listed email - arvisofmaily7@me.com

    New email (which I HOPE will fix it ) - arvisofamily7@icloud.com

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