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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Shedet


      Thanks! Sorry I missed this. :)

  2. Secrecy. No joy in that, but duty is duty, sometimes we have to do things we do not like.

  3. To be seen as a god is a rather odd feeling. To be called one, even stranger.

  4. Excited for finishing my first book, but it takes a lot of time from Simming. I'll sim for a bit before going to write the second book lol

  5. Trying to find a way to wake up the Captain, though welcoming date night with Viktor to relax a bit before my head explodes of too much work.

  6. Boarded the Apollo, looking foward to a lot of great Roleplay :D

  7. Pleasure to be in training with you :)

  8. Yay Monday *checks her emails every 2 minutes all day long*

  9. Can it be monday already? Pretty please? lol

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