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  1. STARBASE 118, SAN FRANCISCO DISTRICT — The Districts Annual Bake-Off Grand Final went ahead as usual, despite being overshadowed by the Bajoran Gratitude Festival taking place in the nearby Ashalla District. Several hundred spectators and passersby witnessed the final twelve hopefuls battle it out over their baking trays to claim the prize of being Starbase 118’s Champion Baker 2398. Ninth time Champion Baker and a finalist once again this year, Kitty Switcher, hopes to one-up the Andorian Roll that helped her storm her way to her last victory in 2396 and reclaim her crown. “I know I can do
  2. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — An eerie short holonovel by the superb horror writer Jayssi pitches an unassuming colony on its head in an intriguing case of a murdered Governor and suspicious holorecordings surface. Invited into the tale as the Outsider, the story draws the reader in as a visiting guest of the colony’s Governor, roused from sleep in the middle of the night by the soft drip of liquid from the water reclaimer. From there, the whirlwind of narrative style and coincidental events carry the reader through the seedy underbelly of the mysterious colony, including vanishing colonists, ominou
  3. COPERNICUS CITY, LUNA — The Copernicus City Amateur Dramatics Society (CCAmDrams) announced their 2398 season today, marking the first time that musical adaptations of Betazoid and Cardassian literary fiction will be performed on Luna. “We are thrilled to have such an exciting lineup of theatrical experiences for our 79th season at the historic Armstrong Theatre,” said artistic director Khou Choua Cho. “In addition to contemporary and classic dramatic works from Earth and Luna, our company is proud to present the galactic premieres of Thoughtless Winter and Meditations on a Crimson Shadow
  4. SETLIK III – Starfleet Academy Division of Science & Arts announced this week that with the Cardassian Union, on Setlik III, a planet in the Demilitarized Zone, will unveil a new Science Academy. The Academy, specifically designed, will accommodate for Bajorans and, on special dispensation, accepted Cardassian cadets. Invited by Starfleet, this will fill multiple positions in some divisions that have been understaffed in this sector of the Alpha Quadrant. The Academy will also staff several Bajoran teachers accepted to teach Starfleet cadets. Dr Almas Thye, a Bajoran astrophysicist, will
  5. BAJOR — As Bajor enters national mourning for Heerma Eza, the FNS celebrates the life of the Occupation refugee with a look back at one of the most venerated holonovels of our time, Symbols of the Ships. The Dominion War of 2375 left an unmistakable scar on the people of Bajor, none less so on Bajoran conflict veteran Heerma Eze. Surviving both her parents and children, Eze has never forgotten the deep grooves that came with the occupation, and funnelled those energies into a harrowing holonovel reverenced in literary circles. While there are few unaware of the holonovels existence — Academ
  6. RISA — The first-ever galactic poetry competition was announced today and will be held on Risa. Entrants from across the quadrants will be sending their poets to compete for the titular prize, which has yet to be revealed by the judging panel. This is sure to be of great interest as venerated poets from the Klingon Empire, Cardassia, and Earth have confirmed that they will be competing for the top spot with more entrants to follow in the next month. Poet laureate Jeremiah Folkstone went on record as being the first to throw his verses into the ring. He has even written a poem to celebrate t
  7. MOR’EM CHA, QO’NOS — In a crowded, smoke-filled taproom in the city of Mor’em Cha, the sound one doesn’t expect to hear is that of a Vulcan lute accompanied shortly after by a ripping, heart-hammering solo on a Klingon-styled bat’leth guitar. You could be forgiven for believing this is a secluded occurrence, unprecedented in its destructive disregard for the seasoned eardrum. A new revival in cultural sound has taken the Klingon music scene by storm in the last decade. Late-centurians are not content with simply rejecting the music and clothing of the older generation; they aim to completely
  8. ALPHA CENTAURI — As the University of Alpha Centauri begins offering new courses in Klingon history, the Klingon High Council has expressed its disapproval of some of the instructors chosen to teach them. While the study of Klingon history is not unheard of at Federation institutions—having been thought for instance at Starfleet Academy and the Vulcan Science Academy for decades already—the Centaurians have courted controversy with the Klingon Empire due to the announced faculty for the courses. The Klingons have expressed their troubles directly to the university. “The education of Klingon
  9. BAJOR — The Bajoran Festival of Ha’mara was recently celebrated on Bajor and throughout Bajoran communities around the galaxy. Twenty-years since the joining of the Emissary with the Celestial Temple have passed, and this year’s annual festival of Ha’mara was a special celebration. It has been twenty-six years since the festival began on Bajor, traditionally celebrated as the arrival of then Commander Sisko as the Emissary of the Prophets. However, what was once a celebration of the arrival is now also a remembrance. As seen in previous years, the festival started with a period of fasting fr
  10. VULCAN — Winner of the Saarum Strange Prize, the first holonovel in the Daavyc series has already begun to gain traction with the galaxy’s champion writers. An outstanding plot, combined with original and obsessive characters to get lost in, suspense and terror to lose sleep over – You think you know crime writing? Think again! Falling short of winning the coveted prize for fiction before, author Skilku showed his delightful surprise by deeming the competition as “satisfactory” and bestowing his gratitude for those who voted to keep the expanding series in the running. While there were many
  11. TRILL — A new holonovel strips back some of the myths surrounding the process, and allows everyone a look at the rigorous joining process for Trill initiates. Holonovels about the Trill are nothing new. In fact, many Trill lives have been documented although not in such a fashion as the new holonovel The Lives of Til. Grji Til is the newly joined Trill and in the book, he elaborates on the comparison to how he felt before, during, and after the joining. I met the author at the city of Mak’ala on Trillius Prime. We sat in a small cafe and drank some Lida juice together. As is usual in such in
  12. NEW ATLANTIS, RISA — This week marks the return of the Federation’s own comic book hero, Jamie Galactic and the Atom Blasters, kicking off their new adventure in style. A mysterious absence, a long-lost love, and an old enemy rising from the ashes, this new holoseries promises to wipe out everything you knew about the galaxies number one action hero. Things have changed in the universe and not for the better. Our first look at the fresh series has this reporter already chomping at the bit for more. We left the Atom Blasters in the previous series at a turning-point and a cruel twist
  13. VOLCHOK PRIME — A small art auction held by a Ferengi trader quickly became a bidding war after bidders learned that an ink brush drawing by famed Cardassian artist Nanpart Malor was available. The particular drawing at the auction was a drawing of a Gettle pack in red ink titled Sights of the Lakat Province #17. This piece was previously believed to be lost and was one of six missing pieces in the collection. Once assured of the piece’s authenticity by an art expert from the University of Culat, the bidding began. With a starting bid of seven thousand bars of gold-pressed latinum, t
  14. ALDEBARAN III — Despite protests from some faculty members, the Aldebaran Music Academy has decided to accept the application of a holographic student for the first time in the school’s history. The student in question, Cecilia, first applied to the school in 2394. Her application to the academy’s program for musical composition was originally dismissed on the grounds that a hologram was definitionally incapable of exercising a creative talent such as composing music. Cecilia was originally part of a jazz club holoprogram created by a Tycho City holoprogrammer. Unusually high levels
  15. PSI EPSILON III — The recently decommissioned USS Melroy has been restored to its original state and turned into a museum that documents a previous era in Starfleet history. The USS Melroy was launched in 2296 from the San Francisco Fleet Yards and was finally decommissioned in late 2394. The ship’s career spanned decades of exploration, border defense, and fighting with the Seventh Fleet in the Dominion War. After suffering heavy damage during the war, the USS Melroy was fully repaired and assigned to patrol the Cardassian border. After its decommissioning, the ship was moved to Psi Epsi
  16. BETAZED – Rich and intriguing fables and myths passed down through generations for thousands of years have now found a new home in the contemporary art scene of the Federation. Hotly debated by many Tellarite contemporaries, the Scroll of Eternal Feasting is a blood-soaked battlefield of callous ancestors, ancient enemies, early settlements decimated by failed terraforming projects, and stolen agricultural land amidst the promise of flourishing hydroponic farms. It is a tale transcribed in distinguished language, however, never truly agreed upon, and has now become the feature of a tapest
  17. QO’NOS — The Great House of J’mpok will host a recreation of the epic saga Romeo and Juliet, penned by the human playwright William Shakespeare. First published on Earth in 1597, this glorification of romance and murder for the honor of their noble houses has long been a favored tale of the Klingon Chancellor, who is reportedly excited but declined to comment. “The name Shakespeare resides in the heart and minds of every Klingon warrior,” political aide Kertak stated during the announcement. “It strikes fear—and rage—and inspires us all. I am partial to his depictions of parricide; h
  18. QANTA CITY, RISA — After three years of qualifications, teams across the galaxy have gathered for the Galactic Soccer Championship to vie to become champion of the Galactic Cup. Risa has promoted this event gracefully among the social networks and is receiving its well-deserved work back. As the planet known throughout the galaxy as the “pleasure planet,” it is receiving already a 64% increase in guests. The Risa Hedony has expanded their hotels and increased the beaches for guests to enjoy their time. Starfleet Security has been asked to oversee the security of the event and the streets
  19. JALANDA CITY, BAJOR — The Federation Art & Cultural Council has selected Bajor to host an extensive collection of art and cultural works from worlds throughout the Federation. Most historians agree that Bajoran civilization flourished as much as a hundred thousand years ago, with some claiming evidence of civilization as far back as half a million years. The Bajorans had been creating art and music thousands of years before most Federation species were even walking upright. Even today, the Bajoran people are renowned as artists and musicians. Many records of Bajor’s ancient history we
  20. EARTH — For the first time in 70 years, the Olympic Games will return to Earth in 2396 to celebrate the fifth centennial of the storied athletic competition that has since spread across the Federation. The Olympics can trace their origins back to Ancient Greece on Earth, but the Olympic Games we know today were first held in Athens in 1896. These early games were held among the individual nation states of Earth, and it wasn’t till three hundred years later in 2170 that the first non-human entered the competition, the Denobulan swimmer Lerus. It took another 70 years before Earth competed
  21. Rita Flemming, the award-winning author of the mystery/adventure holonovel Telepathis, discusses the problems between telepathic and non-telepathic species currently seen in the Tacalia system near the Federation’s border. Soon after the release of Telepathis in October 2392, the holonovel became one of the most popular and best-selling ones in its genre. People from all over United Earth, including the colonies have been activating their holosuites to go through the thirty-seven chapters as either female or male protagonist, Yalissa Fields or Frayn Lawrence. In the novel, th
  22. EARTH – A new tell-all memoir by a decorated Starfleet veteran is making waves for its unflinching criticism of Federation and Starfleet leadership during the Dominion War. The memoir by retired Starfleet Captain Ignacio Fierro entitled The Sacrifice of Angels: A Captain’s Account of the Dominion War features Fierro’s recollections serving in the greatest war in Federation history. Laden with unapologetic descriptions and strong language, it is not for the faint of heart. View the full article
  23. TRILL — As families across the Trill homeworld observed the first day of the annual Festival of Life, millions of others beyond the planet have also begun partaking in the celebration. “It really has become a Federation holiday and not just a Trill one,” said Ashana Kazor, mayor of Trill’s capital city Mak’ala. “It’s a time to celebrate the joy of existence itself and all of life’s experiences.” Read the rest of the article at fns.news! FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  24. Nash Blaxland reports on the worrying risk of holo-addiction among Luna’s children and one program that gives hope to those dealing with the struggle. Jason Kershaw’s holo-addiction is out of control. Several months ago, the seventeen-year-old procured his own holo-emitters, turning his bedroom into a personal holosuite. Before that, he was spending upwards of ten hours a day in the holo-arcade near his home in Armstrong City. Last year, he was top of his class. Now, he has dropped out of his final year at Aldrin High School. Continue reading the rest of the article at http://fns.news This art
  25. Pirates cart away artifacts before damaging ancient Nygel II site By Rachel Sullivan Stardate 239205.05 NYGEL II — An unknown ship, believed to be operated by pirates, transported away artifacts from Site 02 on Nygel II and damaged irreplaceable remains of ancient Iconian culture. One scientist discovered humanoid figures in encounter suits picking up tablets and carrying them away by transporters. Phaser fire from the ground and the unidentified ship destroyed most of the remaining artifacts on the site. “We don't know who they are or what they intend to do with the artifacts they took,”
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