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  1. I have recently joined this group and gotten my training email today. I attempted to reply but the email reply I sent was bounced back saying I didn't have posting rights for the group. I believe the problem stems from my using my @me.com email address to register. My iPad/iMac SENDS email from that address through the @icloud.com server which is why I don't think it's letting me post. I have sent emails to the steward and the xo of my training so far but want to get this resolved ASAP. I ALSO have a yahoo email which is tied to my google accnt but did not use that one as it gets spammed a lot and I didn't want to lose my sim posts. Can anyone help me get this resolved. Should I resubmit my application under a new email? Or can it be changed by the admins? Also my iPad auto corrected my characters name so it is also incorrect. Help! Armando Arviso Aka JORAN Sek Listed email - arvisofmaily7@me.com New email (which I HOPE will fix it ) - arvisofamily7@icloud.com
  2. Send a Profile picture of your character, and all of the information needed to fill out this bellow. I will send it back in this format: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starfleet Medical Your Name Here Filed Stardate - 239106.12 {Starfleet Medical Logo} Medical Record ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||DARK BLUE SEPERATION BAR||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| {Your Character Prof. Name: Your Name Here Picture} Serious Injuries: Injuries listed here. Illnesses: Star trek universe illnesses(your choice) Vaccinations: Vaccinations Listed here Notes: Physician: Your Physicians Name Number of incidents reported on Starfleet vessels: 0/0 Number of incidents reported Total: 0/0 Fractures/Broken Limbs: None (Or specified) Issued Stardate (I specify) ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||DARK BLUE SEPERATION BAR|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (end of page) The end product looks very nice and if just cool to have on your computer. or on your wiki page.
  3. I noticed a lot of people have really nice images using various actores but having them in Starfleet uniforms. Sadly I SUCK at photoshop. Does anyone know if there is a site out there that allows you to do this or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Can I make a Romulan from the Romulan Republic join the Federation?
  5. Here's the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (including the ones that are already listed on our "group intro" page): Training Information Q. How long is training? A. 6-10 days, depending on how often the group sims. Q. How will I know when training has begun? A. First, you'll receive an automated e-mail from the Google Groups system notifying you that you've been added to one of our Academy lists. Then you'll receive an e-mail entitled "Roll Call!" Q. Who do I send my "bio" to? A. Your bio will be reviewed by the Commanding Officer of your training group. During the training group, he or she will send out a tutorial which explains the specific format we use for bios, and ask you to send in yours to the group. It will be reviewed, and then sent to your permanent Commanding Officer once you graduate from training. Q. In Trek, sometimes exemplary cadets start out as LtJG officers once they reach their ship. Does that happen here? A. Everyone begins as an ensign when they transfer to a vessel. Q. What's the history of the USS Centris-A, the training vessel? A. Her fleet page tells the brief history. Q. Can I change the e-mail address I used to submit my application? A. Sure can. Just send an e-mail to t.wolf@starbase118.net from the e-mail address you submitted your application from. In this e-mail, ask him to change your address, and be sure to copy in the new address you want to change to. General Questions Q. What is simming? A. Simming is short for “simulation,” and basically just means Role Playing. Our group is a Play-By-Email Role Playing Group (PBEM RPG), which means that people’s contributions to our game are done through e-mail. We use Google Groups, an easy and popular service, as our e-mail servers. Q. How much do I have to pay for this? A. Nothing. Our group is entirely volunteer run, and playing within our group costs nothing. Q. Do I have to sign on at a specific time? A. No. You can sign on any time of the day to get your e-mails and respond. Q. How often do I have to sim? A. We usually suggest at least three times a week, though you’ll want to check your e-mail as often as possible. (During training, we’ll ask you how often you plan to play, and you’ll have the chance to decide whether you would like a faster or slower playing ship.) Q. Can I join more than one ship? A. It is permissible to sim more than one character, as long as you are of the rank of Lieutenant. Our group's focus is on quality of simming. As such, we don't want any simmer to overstretch themselves and have their simming drop on their primary vessel. In our experience sometimes people under estimate the workload of taking on a second character. However, as mentioned, once you reach the rank of Lieutenant, you may play up to three characters regularly. If you decide you don’t like the character you started with, you’re more than welcome to create a new character and remove your old character at any time. Q. Where can I find out more about the ships in your fleet? A. An "active fleet" page is maintained. From there you can find stats on each ship, and links to their websites, crewlists, and sim archives. Be sure to introduce yourself in our " Welcome Thread," and then introduce your character in the "Arrival at StarBase 118" thread. If you have any further questions, use the "Questions about our group" thread!
  6. Hey all, So its 5:15 on Monday (where I am), and my inbox is empty. When is the "Welcome to Training" email sent? Am I signed up everywhere I need to be? I followed all the links from the emails and everything. Or does the Welcome Email just get sent out later at night? If so when should I expect it, roughly? Thanks, Alden Cuthbert Cadet
  7. So I'm having this issue where this... turns into this... Has anyone else had this issue? What can be done to correct it?
  8. Hiya! I just graduated from the Academy, yay! According to my brand new roster profile, I am listed as "Security Officer", however I signed up in the Academy for Intel. Is this like a first stage, then Intel comes later after I get some more experience or? Anyway, curious musings. Appreciate some feedback help. Thanks.
  9. I managed to retain part 2 of my application, but can't seem to remember what I submitted for part I (for duty postings, specifically). Would I be able to get this information somehow prior to roll call? Thanks.
  10. From the FAQ Page... Q. Where can I find out more about the ships in your fleet? A. An "active fleet" page is maintained. From there you can find stats on each ship, and links to their websites, crewlists, and sim archives. Active fleet page will take you to a comprehensive list of all the vessels in the SB118 family. Hisotries of crew, missions, etc are all easily found.
  11. We're a Play-By-Email (PBEM) role-playing group (RPG), and these forums are where we meet Out Of Character (OOC). Even if you've registered for our forums, you also need to submit an application to participate in our RPG. To get started, head to our Group Introduction page, found here: http://www.starbase118.net/about/group-introduction/
  12. Hello All, I am so excited to be joining SB: 118 I have settled on playing a Rodulan I read all the information on the race through your Wiki and find them to be very interesting. Now here is my Delima I am not sure what duty post to play, I have simmed Star Trek for almost as long as SB 118 has been around and here are the duty post I have played. Helm/Ops: Reached rank of Lt Marine: Reached rank of Major Pilot: Reached rank of Captain Medical: Played as a Nurse working towards receiving Doctorate Security /Tactical: Lt and Chief of both departments Now as you can see I have played a number of positions but I was curious what is SB 118 lacking for positions? Will it depend on where I end up being posted once I go through my Cadet Cruise? Now I am not sure how many of you have read Rodulan information but they are readers and what I would consider a socially awkward ....well maybe thats not the right word they are slightly off putting I guess would be better. Not Technological inclined but there is a sub group in the Rodulan race that is more inclined toward technology. So basically my questions is any suggestions on a duty post for me ? Thanks for the help
  13. What do people use as reference for talking about regions of space? Suppose your character is originally from/going to the X star system, and you want to talk about its relationship to nearby systems. But Memory Alpha and the 118 Wiki only barely acknowledge System X's existence, never mind list its neighbours. Do you consult some real-world stellar cartographic resource (in which case what is it?) Or do you just make it all up and hope nobody notices? (I did find scans online of that one graphic with the known space of the Federation mapped out in energon cubes, but the versions I found were too low-res and I can't read them. I can also find chunks of space as seen from earth, but of course stars that look adjacent in our sky probably aren't.)
  14. As a new Cadet, still in the throws of character creation it occurs to me how invitingly dramatic it would be to have a prior relationship with one or more established characters. I believe I spotted at least one Tellarite (would it be inapropos to ask if they might consider being a brother-in-law, uncle, family or childhood freind?) Same year (or even near year) Academy cadets are another obvious possibility. For Ęlopii, any Terran could be an estranged relative. And as she was an Ambassador's daughter, any diplomatic character might have a chance to recall the eager little girl in a certain Tellarite Ambassador's company. (sigh) While I realize there'a an apropriate caution not to over craft one's character so it might develope more freely in the future, I can't help but recall various reunions at the beginning of a story arc. Picard/Crusher(&Crusher), Picard/Guinan, Riker/Troi, Janeway/Tuvok, Archer/'Trip', Sisko/Dax and the later Dax/entire DS9 community.... and even Kirk himself had a tenous relation to the ever-melodic young RIley (from Tarsus days?) though that was more episodic. (hmmm) While I do hate suggesting an answer to my own question, a first character may not be best to pursue connections as one is still very much a question mark...unproven as it were. Perhaps this is a subject better addressed with secondary characters? By that time one would imagine there to OOC relationships to be developed. (shrug) Regardless... I think I'll ask anyway.
  15. So I went to have a look at the site chat today and it didn't work for me, the error message said: "Flash policy problem. If you are the server owner, please read www.lightirc.com/faq.html#security You need to install a flash policy daemon at flash.wyldryde.org (port 8001)" I couldn't find any post on the forum about it - is this a problem on my side or the site side? Just curious and wasn't sure where to post this. Hopefully here is okay, it's kinda related to us n00bs. EDIT: I just opened the chatbox in a new window and it works no problem... EDIT 2: Spoke too soon, same message came up and I was disconnected.
  16. I know this has probably been covered somewhere but i couldn't find it. I'm almost done with training and it says if i wanted to i could change my race and other information i chose at the start. Anyway i'm writing a book and i thought it would be really cool if i could bring my main character into this game, (He doesn't have powers or anything special.) So are you allowed to make a race?
  17. I was looking to post my biography on the wiki and was curious if anybody is available to help?
  18. I was just wondering I know how the academy works but how does Marine training work is it seperate after the Academy or completely seperate? Do officers go to Marine corp boot camp and then train at the academy kind of like Annapolis?
  19. Hey all. I was just wondering if those training now are on here, as I'm looking to talk to someone about some questions I have. AlexiaJayn
  20. I have noticed in looking at the rosters for all the active fleet associated with SB118, that if there are a new crop of Ensigns say even once a month or so (or MORE)... there just don't seem to be enough openings for new SIM characters on ships, in Embassies or Star bases. Do NPCs get replaced or established PNPC's with the new SIM Ensigns? Also, how ARE we freshly harvested cadets-now-ensigns assigned? Do the Commanding officers see our SIMS and character bios and fight over us (picturing the classic playground selection process *rolls eyes*). We are supposed to say what or majors/minors were and interests, but there are no STATs..no hard quantifiable rankings of skills. How do you decide between two Engineers, both human, aged early 20's? See what I mean? Is it all about the SIM?
  21. I have filled out the duty request but have several worries. I am using a yahoo email and am not getting emails directly from my trainer or the website. How will I know when I have been assigned a post?
  22. Hey everyone. Okay, so here's my first real question... I read through all of the articles located on the Main Website in the Pre-Training area when I first joined. I noticed that the article for Starfleet Academy mentioned the timeline for classes and length required to complete degrees. I also read through the course lists on Starbase 118's wiki to confirm this (Standard 4 years plus 5th year cruise, 8 years for a doctorate degree, etc). It all made sense until I saw that many of the character profiles do not follow this system. Many people seem to have advanced degrees or multiple degrees without all of the time required to complete them. I even saw a doctorate degree at the age of 19. I'm not sure if I am missing something, if the timeline on the site is outdated, or if those were simply mistakes on account of the players... Thanks in advance!
  23. Does StarBase18 have a resource to find out the characteristics of the various species? I hope to play a doctor, and I'd like to know more about my potential patients. For instance, I haven't been able to find out anything about Pythrons although I've tried to find them on-line.
  24. Hello. My character is Landon Siegert, science officer in the current cadet training mission. As I'm going through the various emails I've already received, I'm finding it hard to keep the narrative structure together. People are writing their various contributions but I'm finding it hard to follow who said/did what, and when. It would be easier if everyone copied and pasted what the previous person wrote, thereby creating one long narration. Is this how it's supposed to be?
  25. (OOC): A communique in each Cadet's Inbox Fellow Cadets, After what has been undoubtedly an exciting learning experience as well as an event more stressful than shopping for wigs with The Borg Queen, we the Cadets of Class 2 this cycle are going to need some serious down time. I know we all have early commitments, so I speak not of quantity in terms of a gathering, but of quality. Today we have naturally discovered strenghs and weaknesses about ourselves and have likely made (for good, ill or indifferent) observations about one another. My experience with Star Fleet is limited. I have a cousin stationed on Earth, but am no "Fleet Rat". BUT I do know what helps to make a good team; which, despite some natural and to-be-expected competitive streaks amongnst us...is what we ARE. The better our teamwork, the better WE perform and the more likely we are to procure assignments we desire. Nothing but nothing promotes getting to know one another and comaradarie after having our minds and bodies beaten while having a drink together and watching others beat each other. Believe me on this. Exactly 2 hours after our mission and other coursework is done, please meet me and your fellow cadets at the Bat'leth. It is a "quaint" little club just beneath the Promenade (deck 1068) in a area called, "The Dungeon". The first round is on me. Literally if I pay, figuratively if I get too close to the battling and battered bodies! Set tricorders for sensing lame Betazoid humor. I know what you are thinking, isnt this place dangerous? Wont I sully my reputation by going to the Dungeon? My answer to both is this: The most dangerous thing we as Cadets face is being timid. We will NEVER get another chance to experience the "newness" of any experiences we can have AS Cadets. Most of us will soon be Ensigns, closing the Ca det chapter of our lives with the certainty of a commandment issued by the Prophets of Bajor (who I greatly respect). Plus, as I said, I want to meet and know you all, and wish that you meet and know me. Chances are we will cross paths throughout our careers....why lose the opportunity?! Finally to engender confidence let me tell you some things right off the deflector dish. One, I am a Betazoid, and am a reader with some prowess. Two, I will TRY my very best never to read you without permission. Especially during training. It appalls me greatly. Three, I believe in 100% honesty in matters both personal and professional. Unless given a direct order to the contrary, I will NEVER lie to you. Your belief in me and mine in you will be the single most factor that predicts our success over the next two weeks and as actors in Star Fleet. Who is joining me? Cadet Jalen Vesole.
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