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About Me

Full name: Evelyn Gailene Rós
Date of birth (Age): 237104.23 (24)
Species: Cygnian
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Green (slotted)
Height: 5' 5” (1.66m)

Parents: Gwendoline Rós (mother) & Wilhelm Drinn (father)
Siblings: Minuet Rós (Younger sister, age 14)
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Evelyn was born on stardate 237104.23 on the planet Cygnet XIV to parents Gwendoline and Wilhelm. Having been raised deep in the culture of the Cygnians, Evelyn was taught at an early age that males were inferior, and not to be taken seriously. It wasn't until she was placed in an interplanetary student exchange program that Evelyn began to question her cultural beliefs. She spent a full school year on Luna in the Sol system, where she learned that their species was in the minority of aggressively matriarchal people. Shortly after returning to Cygnet XIV, Evelyn's parents told her they were having another child. 

Minuet Rós was a cute enough baby Cygnian, but being almost eleven years old when she was born, Evelyn had little interest in her. Wilhelm, Evelyn's father, took care of the baby while Evelyn's mother Gwendoline was a professor of Sexology & Gender Studies, which on Cygnet XIV, meant teaching all the young Cygnians about how males were the weaker sex, and belonged at home, taking care of the children and looking good for the women.

Evelyn, following in her mother's footsteps, was very aggressive in her studies. She began to prepare for her future. After the heavy Starfleet presence in the Sol system, Evelyn knew that she wanted to join too,  and push the boundaries of learning on the far edges of unexplored space. 

Evelyn failed her first round of Cadet selections, due to her inability to cooperate with males. After being rejected from her one and only dream, Evelyn decided that she needed to put aside her cultural learning, if not only for the reason of gaining acceptance into Starfleet. She was selected for the Academy on her second try in the year 2390. Having already spent time in the Sol system, Evelyn requested to attend the San Francisco Campus, despite there being closer Academies to Cygnet XIV.

Starting off in the Academy, Evelyn struggled physically. She'd never taken a particular interest in physical activity, and while she was naturally agile, as are most Cygnians, she was not especially strong. Having spent most of her primary and secondary schooling hidden in books, and with having been the only child until she was ten years old, Evelyn found teamwork and synchronicity difficult. It took several weeks of training until she was able to keep up with the other students physically, though she was much higher than the average when it came to her studies.

Evelyn began making friends quickly among her peers, most of them scientifically minded, like Evelyn herself. Though she was never the popular student, Evelyn found herself in a large group of many different species, and genders. Her cultures' matriarchal dominance over males was almost never thought of, toward the end of her Academy time. Evelyn worked well with men and women alike, and only occasionally had to reel in her dismissive feelings toward a male student.

In her first year, Evelyn joined a chess club, but found that she was not at all good at the earth game; a surprise to even herself. On the recommendation of one of her instructors, Evelyn tried a variety of martial arts, and ended up on the Academy wrestling roster for three years. Though she did not often win, especially being as small as she was, Evelyn enjoyed the workout, and the social aspect of sparring with friends. She even learned how to use her tail as an effective aid to unarmed combat, mostly for sudden moves meant to throw off an opponent's rhythm and balance.

Evelyn applied to a Science Major in Physics, while she obtained a Minor in History. During a celebratory night on the town in San Francisco, Evelyn, while somewhat intoxicated, got a matching tattoo with her close knit science major friends on her left calf reading “Ex astris, scientia.” 

Evelyn's career goals are to be posted as the Science Officer of a starship, and explore the far reaches of space.

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