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  1. 4 minutes ago, Jarred Thoran said:

    Hello and welcome @Esbrun Vardai

    Once you reach the rank of Lieutenant you're able to submit a request to play a second character on another ship. IC, like all Starfleet officers, that character would have gone through the academy; however you as the player won't, you just join the ship in a similar manner to how you joined the first.

    Ah, that's really helpful. Thanks a lot.

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  2. Starbase 118 had at times been compared to a warren, or (perhaps more accurately) a hive. Tens of thousands of beings lived and worked amidst its halls, striving for a common goal.

    Esbrun Vardai would only agree in part to that point of view. To the young Betazoid fresh off of the Academy shuttle, the station felt like a living thing itself, and one he felt he should get to know.

    Another might have walked the streets of the Commercial Sector, or else visited the derestricted work areas. Not Esbrun. He instead checked his PADD to remind himself of his accomodation details, and took the first turbolift he could find straight down to the Lower Habitat area.

    Despite being on the short side, Esbrun could cut a quick pace when he wanted to. Due to this, he soon found himself in the atrium of the complex containing his temporary abode. The place was deserted: the other Cadets from his vessel no doubt exploring elsewhere.

    Upon finding his door and entering the access code provided on the PADD, Esbrun took stock of his quarters before shrugging off his heavy rucksack, which contained all of the luggage he needed: anything else could be replicated without too much trouble.

    Lying back on the bed, Esbrun shut his eyes and opened his mind. Feeling the intangible pulse of the station, he followed the ebb and flow of thought and emotion throughout its structure, eventually managing to separate out the individuals from the mass. A handful of other minds blazed out like beacons: others with senses similar to his. A few perfunctory greetings - little more than psionic nods of the head - were sent his way and returned.

    Esbrun grinned. Starbase 118 really was alive. The atmosphere was charged - vibrant. He'd like it here.

    Esbrun’s stomach rumbled. Perhaps he’d visit the Commercial Sector after all.

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