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  1. Quote
    Young: Well, where to start? ::He clucked his tongue thoughtfully.:: Okay. Lilith, you pretty much came aboard the Conny during the award presentations right? Well, I did too actually, though this one was held on Holodeck 1. 
    One of our Engineers, Choi Ji-Hu had built a program in the style of an old RPG game. Castles and Drag- No, Dungeons and Dragons I think it was called. Most of the Senior officers were there, each in character. The Captain was a King complete with red eyes and a beard. ::He chuckled.:: My first meeting with the crew had me show up dressed in green tights and a tunic like some sort of Robin Hood wannabe.
    Anyway the program malfunctioned and literally took on a mind of it's own. Something to do with it being interfaced with a piece of equipment that had something to do with tactical training if I remember right. ::He shrugged:: 
    Suffice to say the computer was overrun by [Datafrag] the Dread, a hulking big [...] Dragon. It kidnapped Commander Saveron, he was the Queen, and flew away. We were stuck in there for days it felt like, in real danger.
    Seir: The safeties weren't functioning? 
    Young: We weren't really sure at the time. We were locked in and had no outside communication with the crew. It felt real though. We had no way of knowing if any injuries we were inflicted with would be fatal when we got out.
    Spears: ?
    Seir:  I can't even imagine what that must have been like. ::Shaking her head.:: How did you escape?
    Young: We split into a few groups and did the only thing we could do to end the program. We had to complete the game. Long story short, I almost had my leg pecked off by a huge bird called a Roc that had somehow been imbued with a Romulan Cloaking device. Damn thing was a genuine Warbird. 
    My team stole it's Golden egg to distract the dragon and save Saveron. I heard the other teams were up against Necromancers and some Mad Queen in a castle full of cats. So, once we had gathered the prerequisite items to finish the quest, we as a crew had to kill the bloody dragon before the program let us out, and to top it all off, it had spread into the main computer. The Conny drifted away from the Starbase and we had a killer EMH running around the ship trying to cut people up with a bone cutter. It took us ages to clean up the damage afterwards.
    Young: Yeah, It's been a hell of ride. ::Grinning:: I've not really been a fan of the Holodeck since though. ::Nervous laugh.::

    Hopefully I'm doing this right, and this excerpt isn't too long for a quote.

    I really appreciated this summary of the 'Men in Tights' mission and the humorous/deadpan way it was delivered.

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  2. I like the idea of an emergency response vessel.

    I've just started reading C. J. Cherryh's Downbelow Station (published 1981), that begins with the end of a war and a massive number of survivors from several collapsed space stations being dumped on one space station without the space or resources to handle them.

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