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  1. The elevator doors slid open and Kaine was happy to be out of the claustrophobic space that it seemed he'd been a prisoner of for hours as opposed to the few minutes it took to get from the docking bay to the commercial sector. Kaine stepped from the elevator and was struck by a wall of light and sound that he'd not expected. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to all the bright signs advertising everything from Klingon Raktajino to power cells. As his eyes became accustomed he could see the commercial centre rising high on either side with different countless levels crammed full of people bustling about their daily business or haggling at any one of a dozen bazars for the best deal. Kaine was also struck by the sheer diversity of the people he saw. Back on Earth he'd never seen more than a vulcan, and they didn' look all that diferent from himself. But already in the space of a few minutes he'd seen over a dozen romulons and Andorians pass him by. Kaine had never been one for crowds and he was starting to feel more than a little anxious stood in the midst of the crowd’s swirling around him, so decided it was time to find somewhere a little quieter. He began walking, moving to where he could see the crowds thinning out, leaving the clamorous commercial sector and its bright lights behind him. As he walked he thought back to Earth. Back to London where he'd spent so many years, and learnt his trade. And he thought of Maria. The woman who he had cared so much for, who he'd of done anything. The woman who had made him strive to be something more and learn his trade. But she wasn't in London anymore, nothing was in London now for Kaine. He found himself falling into a melancholy and quickly admonished himself for the self-pity he was feeling. After what he did there was no way to return to London so why waste time dwelling on it. As he walked he found himself in an area no so well-lit or maintained, and the people here had hostile looks and darting eyes. Up ahead he could see a dim light above a door "the rowdy romulan" Perfect he thought. As Kaine stepped into the bar more than a few faces turned to face him. He was tall for a human, standing at 6 foot 4' with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. His arms were also large and looked strong, however there was some obvious additional soft tissue around his waist. He approached the bar and grunted. "Romulan ale" The bar tender, a dour looking Klingon looked him up and down, resting his eyes for an extended time on the Starfleet Cadet insignia on his uniform. "This place isn’t for you human, I suggest you wander back up to the commercial district before you find yourself in trouble" the bartender growled. "No trouble needed, all I want is a Drink" before the bartender could reply Kaine was grabbed by his shirt and twirled around, coming face to face with a scowling romulan. "Listen you shaved ape! You’re not welcome here so get out!" Barked the Romulan. "Well that's not very friendly now is it? Is that how you treat all customers who come here? No wonder the place is looking a little run down" replied Kaine, keeping his voice even. "You need to buy something to be a customer!" Yelled the barman from behind Kaine. "Well I haven’t had a chan..." Started Kaine, when the Romulan shoved him and said, "Listen closely! Humans aren’t welcome here! And especially starfleet human scum!" With that the romulan reached out and tore the starfleet insignia from Kaine’s uniform resulting in a large tear. "Oh you shouldn't have done that" said Kaine, his face turning darker. The romulan began to speak again but before he had a chance Kaine thrust his head forward making contact with the bridge of the romulans nose resulting in a gush of green blood. Then before he could recover Kaine delivered a left cross and a right uppercut before grabbing him by his clothes and throwing him over the bar. As the romulan flew over the bar the barman ducked down and then reappeared holding a phaser in his hand. It was about this time that Kaine decided it was best to get out of there. He turned and darted for the door as a phaser beam shot past his head. Once outside he didn’t waste any time and began to run as fast as his large frame would allow. Brilliant, he'd been on the station less than a few hours and had managed to get in a brawl and what’s worse he'd now have to show up to his "cruise" in a torn uniform.
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