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  1. Rand steps off of the transporter pad and allows his green ocular implants to adjust to the much lower light of a starbase. He takes a sniff of the recycled atmospheric mixture of the Starbase. For sure it is not the hot, humid, rancid air of Terok Nor. Of that he is thankful. He sees the stares of people on the base as he walks by. He is used to that by now. The burn scars, the ocular imlants, his cardassian brow and neck ridges along with his recessed nose ridges make him a unique sight to say the least. Before he left the USS New Orleans to come onto the Starbase, he ran into someone he had not seen in 17 years...His twin sister Rand Amara. She is a counsellor on the New Orleans and was pleased to find out her twin had indeed survived. To her shock he was downrght hostile to her. He told her to keep her Bajoran religon and her platitudes about their mother in the Kendra Valley on Bajor to herself. Their mother, Rand Indra, had given Coriolis to a Cardassian work camp when he was five years old. All because his cardassian great grandfather's genes made themselves known in him. From there to Terok Nor where a uridium ore processor exploded, blinding him for 8 years he would work as a blind slave on Terok Nor until Doctor Julian Bashir met the young man and implanted the ocular implants he now uses to see with. He checks his chronograph on his wrist and he makes his way to one of the meeting rooms. He has an appointment with one of the base's senior officers. He had passed his citizenship test and is being sworn in as a citizen of the Federation. For a homeworld he has chosen Alpha Centauri. He had gone there with a classmate and fell in love with the people, their welcoming ways and their friendly nature. After he is sworn in as a citizen he walks to the commercial deck ,so unlike the hub of Deep Space Nine. It is much more brightly lit. He finds a group of Bajorans who give him icy stares. He walks away from them. He will not start a fight with them. He walks to a stand and orders a black coffee and sits down. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a book. A drama teacher at the University of California at Berkley gave this book to him. He took literature and drama classes at Berkley as a way to pass spare time and a way to get to know the people of Earth. He came to love the works of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, and the book he has is his favorite play. "An Enemy of the People." He reads the book and just watches people. His name, Coriolis, means "Son of my Shame" in Bajoran. This makes him very slow to trust and even slower to make friends. He looks around and thinks "I am in the Federation now, I am home."
  2. My name is Randall Watson, a proud graduate of Eastern Kentucky University in my home town of Richmond, Kentucky (GO COLONELS!!!!) Character name is Rand Coriolis. Race: Bajoran/Cardassian. Rand for the most part looks like a Bajoran but he does have brow ridges and a slight spoon at his forehead, and his Bajoran nose ridges are a bit more recessed than most Bajorans. He also has neck ridges as well. Due to an explosion in a Uridium ore processor on Terok Nor, Cori is blind and he has green ocular implants like Geordi LaForge uses. Career Path: Helm/Flight control, his minor at the academy was propulsion engineering. Cori is very slow to trust and prefers to be called Rand, he also has little to no use for the Bajoran religon.
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