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  1. Thayon Jann looked out at the people busily moving about Starbase 118 docking bay. He was finally on his way and so thankful that the shuttle ride was over as it was too small for his tastes. He sighed and stepped forward towards the dock masters as a young cadet pushed past him. To be honest he really didnt mind that other cadets where in a hurry, he just wanted to get to his bunk and relax for a few hours before everything gets real again with training. He passed through the check point easily and quickly, he could tell which areas most cadets where bound for. The flyboys where busy bosting about there flight scores, those heading for engineering well, most of them where busy trying to find something to fix. Of course Jann noticed all the different species here all gathered together coexisting. You had your Vulcans, all very logical and cold, or at least thats how they came across, the control they have on their emotions meant them having very good mental health so no therpy needed there. The odd Klingon. Trying to figure out what goes on their heads when theyre healthy is hard enough. Humans he liked. He knew what makes them tick. They where pretty much like him, except for the spots. He got used to all the teasing very quickly, his parents moved to earth just after his 5th birthday so hed spent more time on Earth than Trill. He stood and took a deep breath. "Thayon Jann. Try not to get yourself in trouble" Name: Thayon Jann Race: Trill Appearance: short black hair, blue eyes. Slim built around 5'11-6' in height. Identifying marks: apart from the Trill spots he has a small scar across his left ear lobe.
  2. Ok here goes.... Nice to meet you all im Jason most people know me as Jase. Im from the Uk and pretty much grew up on Star Trek TNG. I really enjoy writing and really dont do it enough, this is the first time ive done this kind of RP so be nice. Haha I work in retail which takes up most of time but look forward to getting to know everyone.
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