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  1. Welcome, Gary!

    For me, my favorites were TNG and Voyager. Great shows both and probably shouldn't mention it here, but I'm also a big fan of the 2004 version of Battlestar Galactica. Glad to see that I wasn't the only one that didn't enjoy Enterprise. It was alright it was just lacking something.

    Good that you made your way back to Email RPG. I'm new at it myself but am enjoying the experience immensely. I really like digging into a character that is so different than myself, doing the research, and making it work.

    And ... this is an awesomely supportive community.

    Sochya eh dif,


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  2. "Captain James T. Kirk: [broadcasting on intership communications] This is the Captain speaking. In approximately one minute, we'll be attacked by Federation starships. The M-5 no longer controls the ship, but then neither we control it. The M-5 has left itself, and us, open for destruction. For whatever satisfaction we may get from the knowledge, our nineteen lives will buy the survival of over one thousand of our fellow starship crewmen."



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  3. 12 hours ago, Taelon said:

    Section 31 bothers me for a number of reasons but I'll sum it up as: 

    Section 31 is, effectively, something like a mythical 'KGB' - it exists not to 'protect', but to force things to go the way of the Federation government. Its very existence in the recent films and DS9 is not only incredibly unrealistic, but it goes against the basic outline of the Federation's morals and Roddenberry's vision. While Gene's vision was sometimes a bit...odd (to say the least) it's one thing to say the Federation is willing to use their Intelligence agents in wet work, and quite another to say they're fine with overriding individual rights and lives at the discretion of their agents.

    The Federation is supposed to be an enlightened government who actually rules with their citizen's best interests in mind, and I do not feel that Section 31 fits into that at all. 

    (Also, to be realistic? If you want some opposing leader killed, it's far better to encourage their own government's dissidents to do the job for you and deny any involvement, than it is to send in fanciful 'James Bond' types.)

    Up to that last line, I was in total agreement ... (laughs)

    But you do have a point. From a story viewpoint, Section 31 was immensely irritating -- the whole idea of a shadow organization that sees all/knows all is unrealistic and their methods were way over the top. You know, there are a whole lot of armchair quarterbacks in the actual world that think they could run the country better than those in charge so its also reasonable to assume that such types exist in the Star Trek universe. However, and its not a small however, they shouldn't be the ones in charge. I agree with you -the Federation is supposed to be enlightened government and yes indeed, Gene Roddenberry had some ... odd ... ideas.

  4. Is that what we have become? A 24th century Rome driven by nothing other than the certainty that Caesar can do no wrong?
    ~ Julian Bashin to Admiral William Ross, 2375

    I'm not a fan of 'ends justifies the means' - that morally wrong actions can lead to a morally right outcome - and I wholeheartedly believe in accountability. 
    So, I'm against Section 31. The fact that they are autonomous and accountable to no one is horrifying to me as are some of the actions they have taken in support of their goal.
    The United Federation of Planets was founded on some fairly lofty principles. Starfleet operates under the prime directive. I respect that. 

    Anyways, that's my two cents. Interesting poll ... keep 'em coming.

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  5. I'm Remy and I live in the Eastern US where we are having a brief respite from single digit temperatures.
    My brother is a huge Star Trek fan. We tried playing the Star Trek version of trivial pursuit with him because some one bought it for him as a joke.
    He ran the table. Literally.
    So far, I've watched the original series, The Next Generation and Voyager. Tried to watch Enterprise but stalled about halfway through. 
    And just started working on DS9.  I found this place through a Google search when someone mentioned the idea of roleplay by email.
    Course, he does it in a forum and its based on My Little Pony of all things (I was shocked, shocked I tell you - but apparently, in his world, pony hooves can do everything hands can do.)
    While that didn't interest me, Star Trek did. And so, here I am.

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  6. On 12/19/2011 at 9:46 PM, Danny Wilde said:

    It sounds absolutely revolting. I'm with Chris on this one - chips and gravy (we northerners know our gravies...) or chips and cheese. Never together, you crazy Cannucks. Never! Mind you, we English can't talk. We have the likes of bubble and squeak and bread and dripping.

    I did chuckle at the way Tracey said 'brown gravy'. There I was thinking that the Canadian delicacy involved green gravy laugh.png

    This is old I know but I just saw an article about bubble and squeak.
    The writer, who says its used in the royal nursery, says that they put things like broccoli into the mashed potatoes as a way to introduce new vegetables.
    Sounded good ... though I'd use fresh, not old.

  7. 50 minutes ago, T'Venna said:

    *deep breath* Hi guys. I'm Izzy. I'm from the UK and I'm a journalist, writer, streamer and larper.

    I was invited into joining by a larp pal of mine who knew I was jonesing for some more Trek in my life. It's been many many years since I did text based RP online, so I'm kinda nervous. But really keen to do well. Uh.. thanks for having me.

    Welcome! I'm new here myself. You know, I was nervous going into the Academy and nervous when I was assigned to a ship ... but there really wasn't any need. Everyone I've met has been very welcoming and easy to talk to ... so, relax and have some fun. Its a great group. Seriously.

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  8. 2 hours ago, catscatscats said:

    I had a situation similar to this with Choi's player a few months ago. It was great fun. It went like this:

    Choi (human): Okay, I'm super uncomfortable, so I'm going to be curt and civil to try and wrap this interaction up.

    T'Reshik (vulcan): What a respectful and efficient human. We shall be best friends.

    Okay ... I love this.
    And I think it would be great fun to write those sorts of interactions between two Vulcans. 

  9. 19 hours ago, catscatscats said:

    - Mess hall quieter than your average library

    - Always a queue for the 3D chess board in the lounge

    - 90% of crew members have the same two haircuts

    - literally everybody knows what's up when you take two weeks' leave to go home because nobody ever takes leave otherwise

    - non Vulcan admirals hate visiting because the temperature is always cranked up high and there's no alcohol, anywhere

    - nobody knows why there is a baseball team but everyone just accepts it because apparently it's some sort of tradition now??


    Ok, yeah, if I ever get to Captain, I'm totally going to try and do this.

    I was reading a book about the nuances of Japanese culture back when Samurai strode the land. I was wondering if the subtleties of a culture where everyone works hard to be polite would apply to Vulcan culture? Two people can think about something logically and come to different conclusions based on their own set of experiences and knowledge. Suppose that happened? how would that be expressed in roleplay? I was thinking there could be those same sorts of subtleties (maybe microexpressions?). Is that possible?

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  10. Ron Moore, the man who was a longstanding Star Trek writer before he rebooted Battlestar Galactica, once explained the frustration of creating stories in the Star Trek universe:


    “[You’d be] in the writers room and tossing out stories then having to stop yourself and go ‘Does this work? Does this violate continuity?’ And having to call people and check encyclopedias and look up information. You want to have it all in your head and just play. The Trek universe has got to the point where you can’t play anymore.”

    I have read more than once about how a writer will ignore canon in favor of a good story and I can understand the frustration. On the other hand, I can also appreciate how canon describes the world in which we choose to write. We want that world to make sense, for the parts to work together, and when it doesn't, it can be very frustrating. 

    For me I think I come down in the middle. I want to learn, to observe canon, but at the same time, I don't want canon to be the most important thing.  Creativity has its place too and as catscatscats said, the spirit of collaboration is sometimes more important than getting every detail right.

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