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  1. (( Day 4: Morning )) (( Intelligence Office, Deck 2: USS ATHENA )) ::Lan was reviewing the latest reports, with various degrees of satisfaction. The deployment of the sensor buoys had progressed nicely, but their newly-acquired Gamma Owls had so far failed to find Basai's tracks, nor his kidnappers'. He looked up from his work when he heard the door to the Intel suites activating. Curious... all of his team members were here, and the Captain usually called before coming down. Maybe the Queensguard? He hoped it wouldn't be z'Tholia, he wasn't in a mood for arguments or apologies to
  2. Hi folks, my name is David, and my character is Frank Hawkins. I live in Florida, USA. I'm a technical writer and graphics designer. I found you folks looking for a Starfleet training course, to help me understand more about how things work aboard a ship. I look forward to learning how to sim!
  3. It hung there, like some long dead god's dream of a metal jellyfish. Hawkins and three other cadets from his graduating class leaned forward in their seats to watch their approach in the shuttlecraft. Huge fleet vessels warped in, warped out, docked, and undocked. Starbase 118. Also known as the Great Equalizer, Kobayashi's Proving Grounds, and a half-dozen other names floating around the Academy. The excitement and awe in the small craft was big enough to fill a landing bay. Christine Baker, a redhead cadet, sat next to Hawkins. A small young woman with nearly Klingonian determ
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