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  1. Thakt arrived on station hours before he had to report for the cadet cruise. He blinked his four eyes taking in the hustle and bustle of the resident's daily lives. The fifth eye he kept closed due to the bright lights in the massive commons area. Other than his five dark eyes and flat face, his stature was somewhat unremarkable. He stood slightly shy of 2 meters and weighed less than 90 kilos. He was more muscular than scrawny and more torso than leg. He stood with a proud, independent constitute. After all, he was one of the first of his species to graduate from the academy. After resisting the Cardassian attack on his homeworld, Evilya, during the Dominion war, Thakt decided to join the Federation in an effort to make sure the events that happened on Evilya would not happen to anyone else. The Pygorian government has taken a neutral stance in the sector, making no alliances with the Federation even after their help defeating the Cardassians. Thakt's father, the leader of his household, disagreed with Thakt's decision to join Starfleet saying that it would be foolish to absolve his neutrality, but Thakt knew in his being that he had made the right decision. When Thakt first arrived at the academy he had an angry resolve. A revengeful passion to stop those who would attack a peaceful people. Over the years, however, this passion has been suppressed by the ideals of Starfleet. He is more at peace now, but deep down lingers an eagerness to fight. Thakt snapped out of his momentary daydreaming and started down the promenade in search of something visually appealing to study as he waits for his first duty.
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