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  1. The Prime Directive is what Starfleet or the Federation drives in moving forward in exploration. My own Character, while a Klingon by blood, his Scientifical mind and love for it keeps himself busy with the PD. Last mission with the Za, it was my character that question the morale of helping out The Deep with their illness due that they just met with warp engines and already in the search to get help. In the end he helped them out, but it was fun to see it develop. 

    I don't mind getting to be put onto a moral choices path again when exploring the galaxy again. 

  2. In my years in RPGing I to had my characters have relationships and I do prefer for them to have a relationship with a real player. Why? It makes it unpredictable of what will be said, done or reacted when something happens. I like that and prefer that then written on something that is already planned out for years. 

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  3. 11 minutes ago, Gorn said:

    Hello everyone, my name's Dan, I live just outside Birmingham in the UK. I've been a Trek fan for about as long as I can remember, some of my earliest memories are watching a collection of every TNG episode on old video tapes that didn't work half the time. I'm still in school (few years behind due to health complications), and have spent the past few months improving my writing style from dire to acceptable through role playing on reddit and discord. I'm really looking forward to trying a different format of rp from what I'm used to. I start my training on Monday, hopefully I won't make a complete prat of myself. :) 

    Welcome to the community! 

  4. The problem with the Avians is the following:

    Source: Xindi-Avian


    The Xindi-Avian species was an extinct member of the Xindi race, wiped out during a series of civil wars which was fought between the six Xindi species and which destroyed their homeworld, sometime in the 2030s. As far as known, none of the Avians fled before their homeworld was destroyed.

    You can't play an extinct species (correct me if I am wrong), but they have other choices:


  5. 1 minute ago, inkanei said:

    Just want to clarify that my statement about it being a lonely way to play was in reference to the huge number of logs I saw on every ship that were incomplete. It seems a lonely way to play when you're tossing out tags that are never picked up. I even found a log that was open to "Anyone" and no one ever responded, so it was a one-sided thing with a lot of "Anyone: ?" sprinkled throughout.

    And as for not speaking for other people - I completely understand that. I"m just used to simming in environments where each person sends only their part, one part at a time, leaving room for literally anything to happen rather than having a scene pretty well sketched out since a person has already written reactions to things the other person hasn't said yet. 

    I mean.. what if my character strongly disagrees with whatever is happening but you've already replied "That's nice." ?

    I guess I'll reserve judgement for now, but honestly, I can't imagine trying to develop a character and interact honestly while being limited by tags that have been placed in the middle of a scene I'm now expected to conform to. (Sorry for dangling my participle, my grammar fails me sometimes!)

    All that to say - thanks for the responses. I'll see how I like it, I guess.

    Don't be sorry! It is good to be critical about your perspective of what you might and might not expect. I have not great amount experience with the group yet (heck I am a cadet lol), but what I can tell you is that if something bothers you or you got an issue with a certain reply. You can always contact the person in question or the Captain. I find this community to be very open in this regard :) 

    Plus also a thing I noticed is that I cant reach most of the groups, so maybe it goes different there? You will never know until you join the adventure!

  6. 18 minutes ago, inkanei said:

    I have a couple of questions! 

    I was looking through the various ship RPG logs, and I noticed that a lot of threads have a whole lot of this:

    :: Person A doing some action::

    PERSON B: ?

    PERSON A: Yeah, sure, that's fine.

    PERSON B: ?

    PERSON A: Hahaha... I definitely agree!


    This seems to be a huge thing in those logs. Am I reading this right? Does this mean that people are just starting logs and getting no response so they simply continue as if there was someone else there?

    I guess my main concerns are that firstly, that's a lonely way to play. And secondly, it kind of misses the point of RPG if there isn't another person to play off of. If I'm just going to imagine what the other person might respond and act accordingly, why not just write a story out with both characters?

    Or have I been reading the logs all wrong? Because this is something I've seen all over the place on pretty much every ship or base.

    While it has been explained above two times, I just want to give you my opinion about it. While I understand your concern about the lonely route that someone has to play, it also challenge you to be creative in certain ways. I am experiencing first hand in the training at the moment to my own surprise is that I am enjoying it more. Why? Because I am waiting for an answer and at the same time curious as to what the other player will response with and leave behind with new tags for me to respond to. 

    So for a person, like myself, that is used to creating large RPG logs and doing joint logs with other crew members or players. This system is in its own unique way also curious and fun!

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