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  1. Lera allowed herself a small smile as she stepped off the transporter padd. For her this was like a dream that was finally coming true. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be among the stars, exploring strange new worlds and going where no one has gone before. Perhaps her human grandmother had to much influence on the young girl's mind, at least that's what her mother thought. But she enjoyed listening to her stories, they were fun and gave her more fulfillment than her Vulcan studies ever had. While she was a Vulcan, she wasn't nearly as beholden to cold reason. She believed in logic, but it didn't dominate her every waking moment. Along with her were the other equally wide eyed cadets, all appeared to be various degrees of nervous. In truth so was she, but like most Vulcans she didn't let it show. Putting on her best serene Vulcan face she quietly listen to the Lieutenant who was coordinating the gaggle of cadets. "Alright does everyone have their ID's?" The Lieutenant asked looking around to study the cadets. "Yes sir," said the cadets in unison. After checking over everyone's identification, the young woman smiled. "Okay looks like everything is in order. Follow me and I'll help you get used to this place. Welcome to Starbase 118."
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Robert. I've always been interest in Star Trek since I watched Voyager back in the late 90's so now I decided to try to my hand at roleplaying. I've decide to play a female Vulcan by the name of Lera. They have always been fascinating characters to me, Vulcans are so emotional, yet they keep their emotions boiled up inside. I'm interested in playing that out.
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