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  1. Area: main promenade - docking area: USS Bremen to Starbase 118. Stepping out of the airlock that linked his transport, the Oberth class USS Bremen, with the Starbase 118, Han looked with awe at the large assembly hall bustling with life as Starfleet personnel, civilians and visitors went about their business. The bustling activity and noises almost overwhelmed him as he ran his hand true his short black hair trying to take it all in. Been born in a small rural village on Septum IV, a quiet and peaceful agricultural planet, the cultural shock after being accepted at Starfleet Academy was already overwhelming but this took the cake. "Next!" The brisk voice of the security officer holding a PADD at the airlock exit said. Startled he quickly step forward only to fall down, face first, down to the ground as he tripped over the slight height difference between the airlock exit and floor. One moment you are looking at your new posting, the new experiences and adventures that were bound to appear... and then you find yourself on the floor. Great start of your cruise cadet Han Yamaki thought nervously, the stinging feeling of the new bruise forming on his forehead making him feel even more nervous. Stumbling up he rubbed his forehead before taking a dazed look around to see where his luggage had landed. With a sigh of relief he noticed that the contents of his bags were not scattered all over the place. Picking up his bags he looked at the patiently waiting security officer, a large Bolian man with a friendly look. “Welcome to Starbase 118”He said with an encouraging grin. Grateful he was not being made fun of Han stood at attention. “Cadet Han Yamaki reporting for duty, sir.” The Bolion security officer briefly checked his padd and made some notes before adding. “It seems you are to report at holodeck 3... good luck!” "Thanks sir!"
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