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  1. :: The Klingon/Human hybrid was sitting in his seat with a PADD in his hand. His posture was seemingly perfect as he sat with his back straight and his chest out. Dressed in a security gold cadet uniform he looked like a statue with an emotionaless face. A Human male approached him as he sat quietly.:: Human male: Hello, cadet???? :: He had an inquisitive look upon his face:/ Drax: :: He looked up with an intimidating look:: DRAX!It's Drax. Human male: ::He managed to mumble out a sentence:: We .... We have ...... arrived at ..... Starbase 118, sir. :: Drax nodded and diverted his attention elsewhere as if the Human male didn't exist. As the Human male walked away Drax stood up. The Klingon/Human hybrid stood 6'4 with a solid heavier set frame. He has a barrel chest that makes him seem even more intimidating than he already is. The PADD in his hand was more than half covered with his bigger than average hand size. He stepped in to the aisle and made his way to the transport ship exit. The other occupants were doing the same. With Drax being taller than all most all the occupants he could clearly see the exit, and the starbase corridor. He stepped off the ship and into the busy corridor full of activity. There were multiple species moving about their business. Some were Starfleet affiliated and others were just civilians. Drax looked down at the PADD in his right hand and noticed he was early for his final cadet cruise. Having a few hours to kill he decided to make his way to the commercial sector in Starbase 118.:: -more to come had to call it a night.
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