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  1. We have lost a great man today :(

  2. ((Docking bay)) Alexa stretched her back, pulling her shoulders back to aleave herself of the tension of sitting for a few hours in one position had built up. Glancing around she paused her thoughts for a moment collecting herself before letting her train of thought once more continue to what she had to do before reporting for training and duty. Clutching the small duffle she held in her left had a bit tighter, she stepped forward making her way further into the station. After a brief walk, getting lost a few times at that she found herself on the promenade deck, taking a deep breathe she moved to a nearby bench and plopped down a little flustered that she kept taking the wrong turn. Alexa: oO Get a grip Alex.Oo :: she scolded herself as she tried to get a better grasp of her situation and placement. :: Finally after a brief moment she stood up feeling a bit more confident she would be more successful this time at find the crew quarters and getting herself somewhat settled before she had to report for training. Stepping forward she did not see the other person walking directly in her path and collided with him in a very comical yet unflattering bottom plop onto the floor. For a moment she didn't look up the embaressement already creeping into her as she heard him speak. Glancing up she saw his hand extended out to her and for a brief hesitated moment she did nothing but look at it before slowly reaching out and taking it...allowing herself to be resettled on her feet. Smiling awakwardly she stammered her apology. Alexa: So..so sorry...I...well, um wasn't looking. TBC
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