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  1. Alir Qasos hands shaked as the shuttle approached the station. He was nervous, as always. It had been on year since he left his sweet home at the caves of Mak´ala. The counselor said that first joints usually have chronically fright. But the counselor saying that definitely didn´t make it better. "It is like when a child is born," he had told Qaso, "they will always cry." The Person Qaso joined was a young man named Alir. He had blue eyes, a pale skin and black hair. He was, in all belongings, very normal. Alir was studying at Starfleet Academy when he decided that he wanted to become a host. Qaso was quiet satisfied with him. He had a good health, which was always good. He was a midfielder on the fields of brightness. His experience definitely supported Qaso, at least more than the academy counselor. "Okay, so you will all get your assignments in 3 Hours" said the cadet instructor. "We will met at holodeck 42 than." The cadet group quickly decayed. Qaso decided that it was time to walk around the station a little bit.
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