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  1. The view was spectacular. It had been ten long years since Heath had last laid eyes on Starbase 118. He sighed. Ten long years since he had last dawned the Starfleet insignia in fact. But he was back now, older, more experienced, and hopefully more the wiser. A slight grin crossed his face as he gazed out the port window. He had pulled some favors with old friends that still remained on board and got the required clearance for his transport shuttle to do a flyby before docking. He had thought that time would have diminished the glimmer the Starbase had had. It was still as brilliant as it was first time he had seen it fresh out of the Academy. He knew this is where he belonged. Why had he ever resigned his commission he wondered as the shuttle glided into the docking bay? Shaking his head in disappointment he let the thought pass. He knew why he had left and he knew that it hadn't been for the right reasons. But that was the past; he could only look forward now. As the docking procedures finalized Heath gathered his belongings and made his way to the airlock. The doors hissed open and the cool air from the starbase rushed in as if to welcome him back home. “Heath!” A familiar but long since heard voice shouted from edge of the intake area. “Daniel!” Heath paused for a moment to look over his old friend as Daniel waved the intake officer away. “It’s been too long old friend.” “Indeed it has.” A playful scowl crossed his face “And that’s Lt. Jaimeson, Cadet!” Jaimeson chuckled. The years hadn’t changed him one bit. Heath had gathered that shortly after his resignation Jaimeson had requested a transfer to the Starbase to pursue his career in a more “stable environment.” He respected him for that, life aboard a starship wasn’t for everyone. Shall we? I want to show you the temporary quarters you’ll be staying in until your final exam is complete. And then…. Lt. Jameson grinned “Drinks at ten forward so I can catch up on all of your adventures!”
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