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  1. :: What was the worst thing that could happen? Best scenario, the Klingons would just send them away and they’d continue their evening with the knowledge they had at least given it a try. Worst case scenario, the Klingons were looking to hook up. In that case, Solok was great at the 100-meter dash.::

    Yes another great thought from Mr. Dara.

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  2. ((Rahman's imagination))

    Kells: So, Roshanara, how are things?
    Rahman: Oh, you know, sir. Just finding ways to send a good man to prison.
    Kells: Excellent! And you, Mr. Core?
    Core: ::doesn't say anything, instead just licks a confection from one of the food carts::
    Kells: …right.
    Del Vedova: ::walks back to the three, holding up what looks like a stuffed animal:: Hey guys, look what I just won!
    Kells: Del, I think that's actually one of the hosts…
    Taredge: Put me down!
    Rahman: ::closes eyes:: oO Oh, God, just send me back to Luna Hell High now. Oo

    I laughed so hard my eyes watered. Had to take a 5 minute break before I could finish reading

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  3. I was a tea drinker before TNG came along. I liked the sound of Earl Grey and tried it and liked it. One of the few teas I drink without putting anything in it.

    Then I moved south and discovered sweetened tea. I tried EG with sweetener, but kind of messes with the taste.

    Currently I stock my EG standby along with Green Tea.

  4. Buhahahahah! You knew this was coming!

    ::In that moment there was a flash of light, and a now-familiar young woman appeared in the recently-vacated Captain’s chair. She was wearing a short, skirted version of the Starfleet uniform with short sleeves – commonly known as a skant – and knee-high boots, one shapely leg crossed over the other.::
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  5. Falkenstein: Perhaps you could join me on the holodeck. I have some

    great programs. Horseback riding. Antique planes. Hiking the Alaskan


    Shandres: ::mutters:: Medieval fantasy with knights and dragons….

    Falkenstein: Shut up, Ki.

    I think that more Shandres and Falkenstein are required. They need their own spinoff. :D


    Falkenstein: We make Intelligence fun!

    Shandres: As in dysFUNctional

    Falkenstein: Shut up, Ki.

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  6. Saveron: Perhaps that is why we have not heard of such. ::He mused, glancing across at Aron and seeing the light of recognition in his eyes. They were thinking the same thing.:: When the T’Plana Hath landed on Earth for the first time I doubt that the first thing that Captain Solkar said to Zephram Cochrane was ‘We’re vegetarian’.

    ::Although given the Terran habit of serving meat at celebratory events, it may have been the second.::

    That made me giggle.

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  7. ::Although outfits for ballroom dancing could vary greatly, Alora preferred those of the more modest design. A high collar wrapped around her neck, leaving her shoulders and most of her back bare. The light green deepened into a darker hue as it cascaded down the skirt while embroidered, violet flowers with silver centers wrapped around the bodice almost like an embroidered sash, coming to a stop at her waist. The skirt was long and fell to her ankles. Long, flowing and sheer material attached to her wrists to cascade down loosely and meld with her skirt.

    I had this sudden image of Rich trying to take notes..... I don't know why....

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  8. Speaking of dirty, I almost thought you were going to have Raissa passionately kiss the Voice for the transfer given the mention of the Voice's "working lips" and all. Instead...

    (Ensign King later went to write in his diary.)

    There are so many responses I can make to that. All of them sick and perverse. As punishment for that gif, I won't share.

  9. Rahman: The main point, as you mentioned earlier chief, is to see if you can pick up any tidbits--overhear anything perhaps--that might not be so easily discovered when wearing one's uniform.

    Dunross::Sarcastically:: Im better at just about everything when out of uniform.


    My dirty mind went all the wrong places when I read that. ;)

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  10. Occasionally I get home from work in time to catch an episode on METV here in the states. They are showing the remastered version and I'm finding myself as enthralled as I was the first time I watched them.

    I love them and will watch them over and over again, but I can't help but driving starships through the plot holes with affectionate glee.

    Today's episode was The Doomsday Machine.

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