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  1. 3 minutes ago, Rune Jolara said:

    Are you meaning for your sig? Go to your signature settings. See both banners under the text box as available attached images to add? If you hover over the image you want to delete you should see the delete/trash can button on the right side of it.

    Thanks for that. Had to hover all over the thing until the bottom right corner. Hopefully I'll remember for next time.

  2. Quote
    Vyrenna: =/\= Sir, would you please join me on the bridge? We have lost contact with Captain Kells's away team. =/\=
    ::He stood up and was already to the door as he answered.::
    Washington: =/\= On my way. =/\=

    What really happened when Joseph got to the bridge:


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  3. I realize that this was a lot more labor intensive for the staff, but I actually enjoyed it this year. In the past I'd see the announcement, read the wiki page with a "that's nice" and move on.

    This inspired much more interest from me enough to make sure I dropped into the forums every day. Being able to throw in congrats on the different sections was kinda fun. We got a little cross-ship interactions. Even the Red carpet thread was kinda fun.


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