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    The character I have in mind is a former marine that was transferred to fleet following the drop in hostilities and as a way to bolster the fleets preparedness with experienced combat personnel. I'm thinking modern day MACO. First off would this be a problem? Second, any thoughts on bio timeline? I'm thinking he had to go through star fleet marine boot camp, then some type of NCO training, maybe during battle time? Then obivious battle experience and then the academy. I'm thinking with all this he would b an older cadet, maybe late 20's. Any thoughts our guidance from the brass?
  2. I have recently joined this group and gotten my training email today. I attempted to reply but the email reply I sent was bounced back saying I didn't have posting rights for the group. I believe the problem stems from my using my @me.com email address to register. My iPad/iMac SENDS email from that address through the @icloud.com server which is why I don't think it's letting me post. I have sent emails to the steward and the xo of my training so far but want to get this resolved ASAP. I ALSO have a yahoo email which is tied to my google accnt but did not use that one as it gets spammed a lot and I didn't want to lose my sim posts. Can anyone help me get this resolved. Should I resubmit my application under a new email? Or can it be changed by the admins? Also my iPad auto corrected my characters name so it is also incorrect. Help! Armando Arviso Aka JORAN Sek Listed email - arvisofmaily7@me.com New email (which I HOPE will fix it ) - arvisofamily7@icloud.com
  3. Hello all, my name is Aj, my character is Joran Sek. I live in the San Joaquin valley in California. Looking forward to getting back into simming. I am a home theater install tech and father of five girls. See you all in the stars.
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