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  1. Hi there, my name is Will, I live in England, near Norwich which is in East Anglia. I found the group whilst looking through the interwebs for simming groups, and your website was probably the best I looked at (and definitely one of the best I've seen in the simming world) and I work in The Arts industry, doing stuff like events management and the like, but unfortunately I'm currently unemployed. And this is a photograph of myself.
  2. Joseph looked around as he took his first steps off of the shuttle, scratching his neck nervously as he noticed the flurry of movement on the landing bay, no more serene moments by his favourite lake now, at least not for a while. Taking a deep breath, he moved forwards the exit, intending to take a stroll on The Promenade, he wasn't due to report for duty at the Holodeck for another few hours, he had time to kill. Stepping from the turbolift onto The Promenade, Joseph Morgan got his first good look at how big some of these starbases can be. There seemed to be a never ending stream of people around, from races that he knew in Starfleet Uniforms to merchants and civilians of races that he just couldn't quite place. This was one of the best things about being in the fleet though, the never ending sense of wonder and amazement around every corner. As he walked through the crowd, occasionally window shopping at some of the more interesting shops, Galaxy Invaders Archaic Arcade in particular grabbed his attention for a moment, Joe noticed a small Cafe, The Subspace Cafe, on his left side and, deciding that a coffee was probably a good idea, stepped through the threshold. As soon as he walked inside that rich smell of coffee hit him, it felt comfortable, like a blanket that he always used to bring with him everywhere as a child for when he was scared or alone in a new place. Smiling confidently he walked up to the counter and spoke for the first time since his arrival. "Raktajino please my good man" he nodded to the assistant, who gave him a quizzical look but proceeded to knock up Joe's favourite coffee. After thanking the cashier and making his way over to an empty table, Joe sat down and closed his eyes, just for a moment. It was good to sound out the noise and commotion from the station just for a moment. Sighing and lifting up his coffee cup to his lips, he took a sip. There was the unmistakable base flavour of his favourite beverage, but there was something missing, he couldn't quite place it. Noticing the cashiers worried glances in his direction, Joe couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Still perfecting the recipe?" he called in a playful voice. The cashier smiled appreciatively and seemed more at ease. Well, thought Joe, there were bound to be some things today that weren't going to go as smoothly as the shuttle ride over, and his coffee was one of them.
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