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  1. The lush forest was ripe with the acrid smells of vegetation. Sweet honeysuckle, fragrant lilacs, and pungent mosses filled the oxygen controlled and filtered air in the habitat ring. The chirping and singing of whippoorwills and sparrows provided a musical back drop as rich as a symphony. The ambient light, at 50 percent of daylight, back dropped by the dark of the planet's surface outside the transparent aluminum enclosure lent an ethereal quality perfect for a romantic escape. Johnna Watson, a tall, blonde haired beauty with porcelain skin and eyes that sparkled like a Cerulean Ocean under
  2. Hi Udas!, My name is Jimm. I sim as Ensign Suvi Ila on the Apollo. I have only been here about two weeks. Welcome. Hope you enjoy yourself. Jim
  3. It seems everyone here knows another ST universe language. I dont . I am still just looking around the site and doing basic bckground on my character. Maybe I will have time o learn some[of that in the near future too.
  4. Hey all, My name is Jimm. I will be simming as Suvi Lia. A female Bajoran/Human hybrid. Years ago I smmed in Tango Fleet, and just in case any TF buddies have migrated her, get in touch. Due to health concerns I had tto leave simming for a long time. I live in a tiny town called North East,Maryland. You have seen the stereotypicial small town with one street and one red light. That is, in realilty, North East except that Main Street is divided into two one way avenues. I have, until very recently worked in Health care. I did EKG's but my department was downsized recently because of ch
  5. "I can't believe you aren't nervous", said the young man with the dark, curly hair with a measure of awe in his voice. "Are you kidding?", questioned the dark haired beauty with a slight Russian accent. "I am a mess. I am just not going to let you see it." She laughed ever so slightly and lowered her gaze. "I know I am nervouse. Since the day I heard I was going to 118.", replied Suvi Ila. "It's just another duty assignment", said the young man whom they had learned was from Tarsus IV. Generations ago, most of the population of his planet had been wiped out, and apparently, the gove
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