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  1. The woods are lovely dark and deep.. djale had rolled off the sleeping mat as quietly as he could so as not to disturb Sada or Inaja, the other two corners of Aja Alon, his triad. The last warm tendrils of The Embrace had been still coiled around the center of his brain, as they always were, as they were for every Deltan. So as a parting gesture he reached out again from that very private part of his mind and tenderly embraced his ajami, who then responded from that deep comfortable place of semi-consciosuness after the Embrace which every Deltan knew so well. His ajami responded in kind,
  2. Hi there. Here we go, quickly and in one baited breath. I am coming here after a very long (more than a decade, yikes!!!) did I say very long time absense from the whole role playing scene. A love of Trek and a love of writing has brought me back again. My name is Michael. I live in Ontario, Canada. I work in the Medical and Cardiac ICU of a fairly large teaching hospital as a respiratory therapist. Was googling online for Star Trek and found a link to Star Trek sims, and the rest is how we say "history". Hello all!!!
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