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  1. At the medical exam on the Starbase 118: Medic : Next, please ! Dade enters the room. Medic : Dade Triston, right? Dade: Yes, may I wash my hands before we continue ? I was eating. Medic: Of course. (let me take a look on his file) Dade Triston, 25 Attended to Engineering school, specialized on Eletromagnetics 5ft 8 1/2 inch black hair Medic: (Is he still washing his hands?)Are you done? Dade: Sorry, I'm ready. Medic: (I think he may have some cleanning obsessive) Ok, lay down here. Dade: (Need to call dad when I get out from here. Hate medics. I think he's table is pretty messy. What's that? an analog watch? I think it's broken. I'll fix it, my father have an antique watches shop on Earth. What time is it? This guy is a little strange. [...], need to take that book to that library. The broken watch is bothering me. I wonder if my father needs help, my brother is lazy. This bed is unconfortable. The watch is really [...]ing me. This is taking a while. Ok, stop thinking ! Man, I have to fix that watch) Medic: We are done Mr. Triston. Dade: Ahn, Dr. may I see your watch? Medic: ?? ... yes, of course. Dade: It's broken. Medic: It was my mother's watch, it's broken on a time she saved my life. Dade: May I fix it? Medic: No! Mr. Triston, we're done. Dade:But it's broken. Medic: Mr. Triston, please, leave it there. Dade:Ok ! I'm sorry Medic:(He looks troubled, it's difficult to start out on a place so different from the place he came) Wait, I need to take a break, I'll show you around. Dade: Ok, Doc ! Medic: Just leave the watch untouched haha Dade: haha got it. They both leave the room and start walking and chatting.
  2. Hey, my name is Fernando, I'm from Brazil, and I learned about the site searching for star trek RPG haha ! I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering and never played nothing like this (newbie, yey). Nice community, guys =)
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