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  1. Whoa, so many entries already. Questioning myself should I fiddle with that idea in my head. This time it's "really a story"
  2. ::bowing back:: Thank you, thank you. Next time I'll give you such a laugh you'll all get a hernia, thus I'll be ensuring my employment. Seriously though as entertaining as my "not really a story" may be it isn't up to par with what others cooked up this round. Only shame is we still don't know who's the boss.
  3. Peachies in the voting? I'm worried about this contest. They accept anyone!
  4. Disclaimer: The story below is pure fiction, any resemblance to actual characters and events is purely coincidental, yet cheerfully supported by the author, except cases of legal and money claims, in which case you're on your own, leeches. This short snippet is revealed to public only because of as of yet miserably low number of entries to this challenge. The judges aren't obliged to treat the opus like a serious entry. In fact they are warmly invited to treat it like the load of hype it is. Respectfully, The Author PS. Still I denote the post with an arrow icon, because I'd like feedback '
  5. Righty, I'm coming to the rescue with a short filler
  6. Question: how do I get this kinky runner-up banner? In the mood for new shiny thingamabob in the sig.
  7. Umm, thank you. Frankly I didn't think mine was that good. Love Idril's with the unheroic main character and the MIA bit in the end and Klingons. Everybody loves Klingons. Come to think of it, I should have put them in my story!
  8. 'Welcome to Hospitality' By Jophry Calhan „Welcome to Hospitality, a place where all is welcome”, she announced in the soft voice of lovely singer Ginger Kincaide, but with glitch at the end. She was perfect. Jesper, holoengineer first class assigned to project Hospitality, thought of her as the best thing that ever came from his hand. She had the looks, she had the style. That was algorithms, that’s right. And so what? She wasn’t real? What was? The headache after a night of terrible booze with the guys from maintenance? A rat nested in his small apartment which didn’t let him sleep? A worn h
  9. I've finished mine. Now just a few rereads and spellchecks. I think it's a strange piece. The hospitality thing lies on the backburner. Deals more with dissimilarities, anger, rejection, madness and fear.
  10. Very broad topic. I think I'll finally debut, seeing how I wrote two pages from scratch yesterday.
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