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  1. Hi all! My name is Matt, I'm mid 30's and live near Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) and work in IT. Long time Trek fan, used to do a different Trek PBEM group years ago, but got busy with life and stepped aside. Missed it and looking forward to doing it again and getting to interact with everyone!
  2. He leaned his forehead against the viewport of the transport, his right hand subconsciously gripping the arm of his chair as Starbase 118 came within viewing distance. After four years of training, Mil was finally arriving for his Cadet Cruise. He smiled softly, his mind racing with the possibilities that waited ahead. As the transport slowed, he watched the large inflow of space traffic into the station. Each vessel moved with precision and grace, efficiently into the traffic pattern and then their appropriate docking location. His Kerelian mind couldn't help but embrace the beauty of the precise movements of the vessels. Time seemed to pass quickly as he focused on this seemingly orchestral dance, and before he knew it he saw the light shifting as the transport entered the dock and landed. He stood, and politely waited as many on the transport seem to be in a huge rush. He ran a hand through his medium length, black hair, instinctively giving a smile and friendly nod as people rushed down the aisle and out the door. As the transport cleared, he retrieved his bags and walked out on the deck. Looking up, Mil saw the chronometer of the arrival dock and noted there was plenty of time to kill. He made his way up to the promenade, gazing amongst the patrons and stores. Then he spied a large crowd at a place called "The 8X8". Wandering over, he walked over to the entry way and could see the crowd gathered around a chess board. A woman walked over to Mil and cleared her throat "If you want to watch David play, you'll have to pay." Mil gave a smirk, his almost melodic voice full of flirtatious sarcasm "And when I come play, you'll pay to watch me, right?" The woman frowned, clearly not amused and held out a PADD. Mil kept smirking, responding "All business huh?" before pressing his thumb to the device. He wandered in and observed the game, awaiting the start of the cruise.
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