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  1. As Cyor, a 75% human 25% Vulcan, medical cadet of the United Federation of Planets sat on a bench awaiting her transport to the Cadet Cruise was reading up on Andorian Shingles in her medical textbook when her personal communicator beeped. Bookmarking her place, she pulled it out, flipped it open, and answered, "Heasinddare." "Good, I didn't miss you yet!" a male voice said calmly. "It's nice of you to contact me before I depart, father." "You have made your mother and I very proud, Cyor." the man responded as the transport pulled up. "Thank you, father. I need to go, my ride is here." and with that she closed her communicator, collected her bags, boarded the trasport, and left for the Cadet Cruise. When she arrived, Cyor was nearly run over by a group of cadets that were backing away from someone that appeared to be suffering from an infection of Cardassian Mud Fleas!! Acting quickly, Cyor ran to the cadet's side, rolled him onto his back, pulled out her medical kit that she always carried with her for just such an occassion, prepared a hypo to calm the patient while she prepared the correct syrum, administered the hypo, and moved with the speed of an experienced doctor as she measured and mixed the substances together. Creating another hypo full of her vaccine, the medical officer in training administered it to her unconscious patient who moaned in agony then relaxed as the welps on his face and neck reduced in swelling and slowly disappeared. Not too much later did real medical officers come upoon the scene and take over.
  2. My name is Emily, I'm 18, a senior in high school, unemployed at the moment but volunteering. I was just searchng for a Star Trek RP forum and came across this one and decided to give it a shot.
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