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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Pat. I'm 26 and live in Ottawa, Canada, however I'm currently on a long trip in South East Asia. I work for the Federal Government when I'm not travelling. I've played a few pbem's before, but it's been awhile and I wanted to get back into it. I'm a pretty big Trek nerd and am definitely looking forward to being a part of the group!
  2. Joran shook his head as he watched the other cadets around him begin to disembark from their shuttle. Was it really so long ago that he had shown a similiar sense of ebullience? He had been as wide-eyed as them once, years ago when he had graduated from Gideon Security Force training. Everything had seemed so new and wonderful then, his whole life ahead of him in a new career. He had, of course, eventually grown tired of it, an unwelcome side-effect to being so long-lived a race with such a long period of maturity. He grabbed his duffel bag and threw it over his shoulder as his turn to exit th
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