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Kotir Arith

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  1. Wooo 200 posts on the forums ^_^ Gonna redo my wiki soon, make it a bit more appealing and less bland :P

  2. So great to have written my first sim on the USS Mercury :)

  3. Can't believe it was Christmas when I last updated this thing...

  4. Merry Christmas Everyone :D

  5. Wooo! I'm so proud of our ship winning the Avatar Contest! :D Good work guys!

    1. Renos


      Same here. That was some great work you did O'Hanlon we make fine team!

  6. "It goes against my vows to harm any living creature." - White Queen

  7. Woo! I'm so happy to be on a ship with such talented writers!

  8. Thank you Evanna :) Can't wait to start simming with Grey!

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