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  1. With that said, just because you start off as a security officer doesn't mean that you will always be a security officer. For example I have been with the fleet for almost two years and in that time I have jumped across three departments (four if you count CO/XO as a separate department). I know that many in the fleet have experienced this as well, just take a look at some of our Captain's histories.

    From what I am seeing intel and the marines are becoming more and more popular so you never know when another intel position will open up on your ship or another in the fleet. So the moral of this story is that if you want to get into an intel based position now or in the near future you should talk to your Captain and see what can be done to move you in that direction.

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  2. I was looking for a online game that I would be able to playing given certain annoying restrictions placed upon my internet (One of the downsides of university accommodation). Other sites I found were not as active and I love Star Trek so after days of pondering what my character would eventually be, I signed up. For some reason I thought I had to have all those details worked out in advance but that is neither here nor there. Suffice to say I definitely love it here.

  3. hi, welcome to SB118.

    I can honestly relate to what your saying and had a similar experience the first couple of times I posted. The main thing to realize is that these are the things that are addressed during the training mission so you don't have to be perfect immediately. Mistakes aren't a bad thing.

    To some extent there is going to be some copying and pasting although this fact isn't encouraged. In the wise words of my previous CO, "There are only so many ways a Romulan war bird can de-cloak in front of your ship." Having said that your reply is meant to be from your characters prospective. Thoughts, feelings, observations and actions from your character are what make your reply interesting and why people look forward to reading it.

    As for structure, it can get confusing when there is a lot going on especially in longer posts. The technique I personally use is have all the posts from the other players in front of me in order of when I received them. The "first" post in the situation forms a baseline for any tags. The later responses then fills in the missing tags forming a more complete idea of what is happening at that moment. This allows you to see what is happening and make your contributions as you see fit.

    The most important thing though is to reply to your characters tags and have fun. As you get more experience hopefully you will get a better idea of what your doing. I hope this answers your question and that I haven't appeared too patronizing.

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