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  1. Like some otheres here I too am ex-AQSG, although I never underwent their training program as I was a crew member of one of the two founding sims and therefor predate their Academy training by several years.

    I always enjoyed the free-form but paced nature of the PBeM which encouraged character development and good writing skills. Unfortunately a lot of these sims appear to be falling by the wayside. With the folding of the last group I was involved in I was concerned that might be the end of Star Trek RPG as I knew it, as a great many players were lost to Star Trek Online.

    I was therefor very interested when Starbase 118 appeared on my Google search, as you appear to be a keen and active group with a planned training program that suggests a high level of organisation and support for new players.

    I admit that the writing style described on your website nearly put me off as I am very much a 'storyteller' and I was concerned that the various quote marks were indicative of a truncated and 'chat-like' method of posting, which I would find distasteful.

    However, I read some of your writing competition work and also some posts from one of your sims on their YahooGroups site and found that this was not the case. Although the format is unfamiliar the quality and depth of writing is still there, so I resolved to 'suck it and see', as we say Down Under.

    I have been playing other types of RPGs but I have missed Star Trek, and I am keen to boldly go once more.

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