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  1. Lol. I forgot it was April fool's.
  2. This is pulled from Star Trek's news, I'm a little turned off by it... 04.01.2005 Enterprise Saved ... With Strings Attached With Star Trek: Enterprise hanging by a veritable thread the last two years, a new direction for the show has recently been unveiled that is being hailed both as a triumph of corporate synergy for the Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures, and a way to keep the show on the air. If you recall news reports from last year, UPN agreed to renew Enterprise for a fourth season in exchange for substantially lowering the license fee it pays to Paramount for the show. In order to rema
  3. birth of the federation is a fantastic game.. though i doubt it can be purchased anymore. as long as you turn off borg
  4. They were actually hinting an Noonian Soong and his creations (Data, Lore, etc.) Soong is the grand something or other of the Data's creator.
  5. You're in Europe I presume?
  6. The planes used to shoot down the shuttle (The mustangs) weren't used for homeland defence. Yah. There's today's random fact. Predictions for season 4 I think the dog will mysteriouslly become female and have puppies... *cough* Data's cat *cough* I think the Enterprise will boldy go where everyone has gone before.... I think Reed will finally become a tough sailor.. I thought he was going to be the best character, but alas, no.... They'll meet Captain Kirk.. and he'll die, then come back, then die, then come back... Sam will Quantum leap.. leaving Enterprise and moving to the next assignment
  7. Garak did that with the bomb didn't he? Sisko was the one that offended the Romulans with the fake disk thing and almost brought them in on the wrong side.
  8. Shouldn't they think about resolving Enterprise's plot before creating a movie that would be affected by the show? If someone in the cast decides to leave later... that would mess up the space time continuum... or something... uh.. yah... anyways. I could see a crossover between DS9 and Voyager/Enterprise (either or) because there's a lot of unresolved plots. (Sisko, the maquis, etc, etc.) I was hoping that Voyager would return home a few episodes before the end so that they could tell us what happens.
  9. Captain: Kirk (Space cowboy) FO: Riker (Even without the beard) CEO: Scotty (Who else?) ACEO: Tucker (cool guy) JANITOR: Wesley (Loser) HCO: Mayweather (He's the best) TAC: O'Brien (He's the only one that is actually a soldier) SEC: Odo (Come on.. he can change shape) DOC: Mccoy (someone has to announce they're dead) Counselor: Ezri (The not annoying one) SCI: Spock (yah) Victim in a red shirt: Troi
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