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  1. Hmmm. It censored the word that rhymes with 'hum' and is spelt 'C', 'U' and lastly 'M'. I wasn't using it in a rude way. I was using it in a Latin way. I guess it depends on one's opinion of the Romans, but just to assure you, there was no rule-breaking, just a language error on the part of the censorship programme. Good ol' censorship.
  2. Was this love? Was this what it had all been about? Philip sighed angrily… why was this not enough for him? It was comfortable, it was, at times, fun. The arguments reminded him of his parents’ rows, so surely it was approaching marriage. Marriage meant love, right? Why this doubt, then? If this were love, then why is it not a rock, a foundation of security and meaning? They had been together for nearly two years, but somehow it all just seemed so contrived, and so detached. That was not love, surely? These questions were getting him nowhere. Because Philip knew the answers already – the quest
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