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  1. Ive got one done, but can't get the iPad to connect here. Argh... I'll have it up tonight hopefully.
  2. Our final epic moments poll deals with the reimagined Star Trek movies. Love it or hate it, change has come to the Star Trek franchise, rewriting the canon for better or worse, but forever. With Nero's vengeful jaunt into the past and the subsiquent destruction of Kirk's family and the planet Vulcan, the timeline was changed forever. The changes to the timeline notwithstanding, some of the claasic themes of peace vs. militarism, struggle against unequal odds, and self-sacrifice are constants in the new movies as well. Our new look at the series with younger eyes and actors has not taken it away from its philosophical and teaching-moment roots.
  3. This week continues our look at the movie moments of the Star Trek franchise with the Next Generation movies. When the Next Generation finished its television run in May 1994, everyone was holding their breath, waiting to see where the cast would be taken next. This was a first: Star Trek without Roddenberry, who had passed away from cardiopulmonary problems in 1991. This was a bridge to the new films and the new cast, as well as a way for the older cast to say their onscreen goodbyes. Even without Roddenberry, the writers of the Next Generation films did well very well, with 4 films (Generations, First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis). With mixed critical reviews, each had its own special moments, developing on the cast and connecting them to the times around them in the series and in the quickly changing real world as well. Here's a few of the moments I found most important. Come chat about them and, if yours aren't on the list, bring them up as well!
  4. The movies with the original Series cast continued to be produced until nearly the end of the TNG series had come. The first of these was supposed to be a lead-in for the relaunching of the series, but instead started off an extremely successful series of movies. With the movies running from the Motion Picture in 1979 to the Undiscovered Country in 1991, this span saw a lot of change in the world, up to and including the end of the Cold War. The breath of the films was stunning and included many themes from current events, something that the series was always able to incorporate much to its own and its creator's credit. We see the cuIt was these movies that set the Rule of Evens, where even-numbered Star Trek movies are good, while odd numbered ones are... well... not so much. While there are too many moments that will live on in popular culture fame or infamy, here are a few of my personal favorites. Come share your own!
  5. There come times in each person's life where you do a facepalm and say in your best Homer Simpson voice: "Doh!" It is at these times that we wish we had a rewind/erase button. Those moments at the focus of this week's poll. With time travel an accepted part of the canon of Star Trek, we do see from time to time the opportunity for the various crews to get a do-over. They missed something, or did something wrong and events went horribly, but they get a chance to make them right. Sometimes the moment's result wasn't even all that bad, but it just wasn't right and the crew finds themselves needing to make it so (no pun intended). The movies have several of these throughout them set, so I have left them out of this poll intentionally Share away!
  6. Now we come to the final series in this set of epic TV moments: Enterprise. Enterprise was unique in the franchise in that it started off pretty strong and generally went down in quality for a good long while rather than starting rocky and getting better over time. However, it had its moments of deep thoughtfulness and insight into the human condition. It gave us the chance to see a grittier pre-Federation Starfleet, one in which it was not one of the supreme technological powers in the galaxy and instead had to rely on its adaptability and diplomacy to get many things done. In that way at least, Enterprise is almost truer to the adage of "going where no [human] has gone before." than even the original series. This gave Archer and his crew many chances to look inside themselves and feel out their emotions and, at the same time, for us to see them and their development. Here are my favorites from a series most of which I, unlike many ST fans, really enjoyed. If yours didn't make the list, come share them with all of us!
  7. This week we continue our series of epic moment polls with Voyager, the little ship that could. While Voyager was far from the biggest ship in the fleet, she was one of the most advanced and interesting ones around. The ship was thrown to the other side of the galaxy and stranded, all alone with no hope of resupply, and left to trek 70,000 light years to get home. Exploration, enemies and ethics all played parts in this series, as with any other, and seven seasons worth of them added up to a good number of strong moments that made us think not only about the characters but about our own situations. Here are a few of my favorite moments. I know there's many more than these, but, if yours aren't on the list, come add them to the discussion!
  8. This week, we continue our ongoing series of the most epic moments of Star Trek with the third series, Deep Space Nine. Set for the first time on a stationary platform, the concept of life aboard a space station was a new idea for the franchise. Throw in the fac tthat the Federationwas coming in to a formerly Cardassian-occupied system and were quite a ways from direct Federation support, there was the potential for a big fat mess landing in Commander (later Captain) Sisko's lap. Despite a rocky start, which seems to be the pattern for Trek series, Deep Space Nine followed TNG's example with seven successful seasons and a thriumphant send-off. Here are a few of my favorites, thought there are others too many to include here!
  9. Next in our survey of the epic moments of Star Trek is the Next Generation. When TNG first came on the air, no one thought that the show would work without the original crew. One, maybe two seasons, most predictions said, and it would be gone. However, it went on to seven excellent seasons largely on the power of its writting and the special moments that it created for its fans and how it connected them to the cast and to the changing world around them. What moments from the Next Gen affected you? Which ones do you think have entered society's consciousness? While there are more than we can include here, here are a few of my favorites.
  10. I picked the kiss, especially since the network nixed it, but Roddenberry and Shater conspired to get it in anyway.
  11. I cut it down to one per movie, sorry y'all. I would likely have put in Data's "Lifeforms" song from Generations as well, but it was too close to the British Tar.
  12. This week's poll will begin a series of polls on these moments, starting with the Original Series. Set far in the future, TOS was written and produced at a time of huge social upheavals and stresses in the United States. The Old South was aflame with the Civil Rights Movement, thousands of young men were involved in the increasingly unpopular war in Vietnam and the country was in the existential struggle with the USSR known as the Cold War. Roddenberry's genius was to write commentary into many of his episodes of TOS that made clear his opinions. What's your favorite?
  13. This Poll By Request! As an adventure-based roleplaying group, the focus is understandably on the waking hours of our days. After all, there isn't much adventure going on whenyou're asleep, is there? However, this week's poll attempts to delve into those times when you are not being the hero, saving the galaxy from <insert villain here> and getting the girl/guy to boot. So, let's think off-duty, which I know if hard for many of us. Leave your post to Ensign Smith, wind down, yawn, get ready for bed, then look in the mirror. What are you most comfortable in when you go to bed? Annnnnnnnnnnnd.... GO!
  14. As we run out of series comedy, the movie franchise gives us an enormous trove of funny moments. Both the original crew and the Next Generation cast members found themselves giving classic perforances, all peppered with great scenes and one-liners. What's your favorite funny moment?
  15. Yes, lots of congrats to the winners. I enjoyed reading the competition very much. I wish they hadn't have been as good as they were for personal reasons, but they were great reading!
  16. Thanks for the good feedback. Considering I wrote during training at a new job, I'm surprised it came out as well as it did.
  17. No patience here, heh. *dusts off pitchfork*
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