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JP: Turner/Waltas/Parker - A Shot at the Title II

Dizmim ChNilmani

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Submitter Note: In Part 1, Major Parker was relieved by Colonel Waltas for the position of Chief of Marines. This did not go down well and after a few insults, this occurred.

((CIC Office, Embassy))

:: Hannibal unleashed a wild haymaker, designed to take off Waltas’ head, but barely missed, with Waltas’ guiding Hannibals’ momentum over the desk and smashing the mast holding the Marine Corps flag, scattering PADDS and other debris all over the floor. While Hannibal was getting up, Waltas began to taunt him..:::

WALTAS: So far the only thing you're good at is breaking furniture, Marine. Maybe we could use you as a doorstop…….

:: Hannibals’ response was a thunderous roar, and he closed on Waltas, unhinging another wild haymaker, this time with his left hand...Hannibal could feel the Colonels’ long hair fly past his fist as the Colonel once again redirected Hannibals’ attack, this time flipping him end over end in the small office. Hannibal was up quickly with the two exchanging blocks, their hands a blur, neither man gaining purchase.Hannibal figured the Colonel had several years of martial arts training,as he was able to keep the massive Marine at bay…::

:: Hannibal got his opening when Waltas, attempting a strike at Hannibals’ nose, missed. With Hannibal grabbing his hand with his right, he slammed a left hand into Waltas’ solar plexus, then uncorked a right hand which blasted Waltas back..and through...the doors of CIC, smashing the doors and destroying the glass within. With Waltas lying on top of the broken doors, the fight was now out in the open, and several Marines stood, transfixed by the sight of the Colonel lying on what was once the CIC doors…:::

::Toni had followed them, trying desperately to get them to stop. They reminded her of two rutting rams beating their heads together mindlessly, and the last place anyone with half a mind would want to be was between them, trying to break them up.::

:: Despite the protests coming from behind him from Captain Turner, Hannibal now was stalking the Colonel who was getting up from the floor, broken glass crunching under his feet. Waltas was up, with the voices of several Marines yelling in the background. He was up now, in a fighting stance, swiveling his hips in anticipating for Hannibals’ next move..not waiting for the massive Marine to attack again, Waltas leaned back and tried to kick Hannibal in the face..but Hannibal sidestepped the move and caught the foot in mid- air, twisted it, and spun the colonel to the ground...with him landing hard with a solid thump…:::

::Tyr had focused his attacks on not being hit, but when he finally was struck it felt like he'd run head-first into a bulkhead. Crashing through the doors he winced as a sharp pain in his ribcage raced through him. Spotting Parker coming after him he waited for him to close within striking distance, knipped up and landed a hard spinning back-fist to the Major's jaw, sending even the hardened Marine reeling. By this time the commotion had roused most of the off-duty Marines and they were watching, open-mouthed, as their former and current CO's went at each other like rabid wolverines. Dropping to a crouch he swept Parker's feet out from under him and sent him crashing to the floor, then drove his heel hard into the Major's chest before rolling backward and neatly to his feet. He figured he had a few moments to recover but found Parker howling in rage, already on his feet and charging him. Only partially able to get out of the way his right knee took a hard shot as the major's momentum carried him to the reception desk which was promptly destroyed. Tyr found purchase on a remnant of a chair and launched himself at the recovering Parker in a vicious kick, but to his amazement his extended foot was grabbed and he was thrown bodily through the main doors of the CIC office and landed unceremoniously in the mud. By this time the Marines were cheering on the major as he emerged, a black, blurry shadow against the lights of the office, and closed on him. Tyr, bloodied and hurting, got to his feet and snapped into a Tiger position, his right palm extended towards his prey. Parker, bearing plenty of wounds himself, was noticeably keeping his right arm back, while Tyr protected his injured right leg. With a swing that he could barely block, Parker's left arm was caught in the Tiger's jaws, and he was spun around to reveal the injured right arm. Slamming a knee into the Major's ribcage the Ba'ku gripped the right arm and brought it down over his shoulder, and even the Major couldn't help but grunt in pain. Parker's left arm, free, proceeded to slam into Tyr's jaw, knocking him to the muddy ground and sending stars across his field of vision. The Ba'ku struggled to his feet and turned to face his opponent through the darkness, hiding the fact that his infravision had Parker painted in the darkness. A faint to his right failed to trick Tyr and, foregoing all skill the Colonel simply hauled off and decked Parker, a right hand slamming into his jaw.::

:: Hannibal took the hit, a solid right to the jaw, but it was Hannibals’ time to return the favor. Pain was something he had learned to block out, thanks to the mental training by his former Vulcan ops partner T’Sol. That didn’t mean he could use his right arm as effectively as he wanted, and the cut on his cheek and over his left eye was bleeding freely. He followed up with a left hook to the colonels’ solar plexus, which doubled him over, then a double-fisted hammer shot right between the shoulder blades. The colonel dropped to one knee, but Hannibal picked him upright with his still very well functioning left hand, then blocking out the screaming pain in his right shoulder, picked up the colonel over his head, then with a mighty roar, slammed him down into the mud with a sickening thud, the Marines screaming “BOOM” as the colonel landed…:::

:: Wiping some of the blood away from his eye, Hannibal kneeled down to the prone colonel, his breath coming in wheezes..and Hannibal wasn’t breathing much better. It was over…::

Parker: Go home, Colonel Penguin. Get back to your rocking chair. It's over, Ba'ku..go home....

WALTAS::Between gasps:: Frak…...that…!

:: With that, Waltas reached up and grabbed Hannibals’ injured right arm, pulled him down while crossing his leg, then locking his hands behind Hannibals’ head..with Waltas’ leg on the front of his throat, the other on his back, and Waltas using all his available strength to try to choke out the much bigger Parker. Tears streamed from his eyes as he recognized the move Waltas had made..the classic triangle choke hold, designed to deprive an opponent of air, and the will to fight, quickly. Hannibal knew there was only one way to break the triangle choke, and he had about fifteen seconds before breaking it would become a mute issue...he would be unconscious. Relaxing against the pressure, allowing Waltas to momentarily to tighten his already python-like grip, Hannibal gathered his legs under him. Pulling his upper body back while raising Waltas out of the mud, Hannibal began to stand up..with Waltas now expending even more effort to hold his grip, which was beginning to slip. Hannibal then dropped forward, slamming Waltas’ head back into the ground…:::

:: Gasping for air, Hannibal rolled away from Waltas, raising himself on his knees, trying to gain some needed air. There were surrounded by cheering Marines, but the fight was not yet over. The two men bear crawled towards each other, neither man able to stand. The two bloodied, battered warriors stared at each other...neither one should be conscious, much less still fighting...but Hannibal would not yield, and to prove that point, his left hand uncoiled a punch into Waltas’ jaw...Waltas returned the punch, neither man had enough energy to put up a defense. Hannibal rocked under Waltas’ blow, then Hannibal returned the punch with his injured right arm, which still rolled Waltas’ eyes back in his head. The two traded punches until one last hit from each of them..two devastating punches which laid both men over in the mud...Hannibal at Waltas’ feet, and Waltas at Hannibals’. Both men were face down,until Hannibal rolled over and was looking up, until he heard the voice of Martinez cutting through all the voices…:::


Then another voice cut through the air…:::


:: Hannibal had never heard the captain that mad before, but all he heard was the echo of her voice…:::

Parker: Oo Mom’s [...]ed...Oo

:: Hannibal was now up on one knee, and so was Waltas. With the beating the Colonel took, it should have killed him. This former starship captain had a lot of guts, and he was still showing it as the both of them stood, both of them waving off assistance. If the two men were starships, they would be limping away on thrusters, with empty torpedo tubes and burnt out phaser coils. Glaring at each other, the two men backed away from each other, then at a respectable distance, Hannibal turned his back on his opponent, a final insult, daring Waltas to attack him from behind...but no attack was forthcoming. Someone had given him a olive green kerchief to staunch the flow of blood from above his eye, and he spit blood into the dark mud. He was deliberately still defiant, walking directly away from Medical until he heard the voice of Captain Turner…:::

Turner: ::calming her voice, hoping it would also calm them.:: I'm not having any more of this!

:: There was no longer an option….at least, he could say he wasn’t the first to seek Medical treatment…..Tyr was still ready to fight, even though he couldn’t even pull together the strength for another punch. Holding his ribcage and limping noticeably, he too turned in the direction of the medical unit. He paused, waiting for Parker to catch up to him, insisting that he not be the first to enter the tent. It turned out that both stopped, glaring sidelong at each other, each stubbornly refusing to be the first to appear weak, and Hannibal growled in defiance... Then Captain Turner settled it for them.::


::Her voice was followed closely by the sound of heavy stun from her phaser, effectively stopping them cold.::

Turner: ::standing over the two unconscious men:: Martinez, have these men taken to the brig, then call your medic to check them over, and report back to me. No one else is to talk to them or see them until I say so. Understood?

Martinez:: Nodding:: Completely understood, Captain…Is there anything else?

Turner: Yes, no one is to be allowed to clean up their mess either. They made it, and they’ll fix it…


Fleet Captain Toni Turner

Commanding Officer

Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder


Major Hannibal Parker

Second Officer

Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder


Colonel Tyr Waltas

Marine CO

Duronis II Embassy / USS Thunder

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Marines.... hotheads... man!

Thumbs up Captain Turner!

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