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March Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

StarBase 118 Staff

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With the Freighter Tenacity held tightly in the containment sphere of the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A, and its crew locked tight in the Brig, the crew of the Darwin was free to investigate and get to the bottom of the allegations of their illegal cargo contents. With the away teams on-board the Tenacity, it didn’t take long to bring down the suspicious containment field to discover a concerning amount of Federation Weaponry in their cargo hold. Amongst the Federation weaponry was a vast quantity of a clear liquid, its contents unknown to the crew.

Meanwhile on the Darwin, Captain Reinard and his team questioned the Captain and the First Officer in an attempt to discern the contents of their Cargo and their intended destination. Conversations all but stalled until Lieutenant Commander Thomas’ team returned to provide evidence of the weapons and the mysterious clear substance found in their holds.

All the while Lieutenant Commander James and his team worked diligently on ascertaining the qualities of the Clear Liquid. Unbeknownst to them they were about to get a live specimen of the drug in the form of the Captain. As the interview spiraled out of control the Captain was infected with the mysterious liquid sending him into a rage. As the crew confined him to sickbay a communication from a Tellarite man was intercepted on its way for the freighter. Seemingly angry with their late delivery, the Bridge team worked quickly to attempt to discover his location and perhaps his purpose.

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