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Telnoth Kylon Haerin: "Everyone has limits"

Minxing Shimisi

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((Sickbay, USS Atlantis))

::The Captain entered the cubicle and nodded to the nurse, then to the Kylon.::

BLUEHEART: Is he fit to answer a few questions, nurse?

NURSE: response

BLUEHEART: ::smiling somberly:: I promise to make it short.

NURSE: response

:: He shook his head in slight amusement. As if the current situation was going to stop him from talking. Dancing perhaps, and definitely not going rock climbing... but talking he could manage. ::

BLUEHEART: Thank you. ::turning to the Grenushi:: Telnoth. ::noticing the neural inhibitors in place:: How are you feeling? ::His eyes darted to the monitors and consoles.::

:: The question was so polite and immaterial that it made his stomach turn. Now was not the time for polite diplomacy ::

HAERIN: I am fine Captain, though the situation is urgent.

BLUEHEART: So, tell me, Telnoth, ::seating himself on a chair by the bedside:: tell me everything.

HAERIN: No. The entirety of things isn't nearly as critical as the immediate. I'll start there.

:: That was not what the shorter man wanted to hear. Something that just.. ticked off the Grenushi. Here he was, trying to save their lives.. ::

BLUEHEART: ::shaking his head in defiance:: Not when my ship and the lives of my crew are at stake. They matter more to me than diplomacy or politics, any day. So I’d really like to know everything, Telnoth. EVERYTHING. ::He leaned back in his seat, crossed one leg over the other and clasped his hands together on his lap.:: And I suggest you start at the very beginning.

:: This hadn't been a good day for Kylon. Oh it had started out as one, with the federation officers almost following a script in attempting to see what he'd brought on board. But their release? Which, if he was any judge, would pull them from warp. And doing that would put them at greater risk, which meant the peace talks wouldn't receive their gift.. oh and likely they'd all die here instead. So, he allowed the frustration, just this once, to slip out. There was none of the calm, reserved Ambassador in his reply. Instead, the scorn and sarcasm would heap at the man's feet until he could meet Kylon eye to eye. ::

HAERIN: Oh Really Captain? Is that what YOU want? Sure.. let me spin you a yarn to use the Terran phrasing. Perhaps hand you a fiddle?


HAERIN: Well don't you want to play while Rome burns? The situation is.. you short minded idiot.. that if your people hadn't attempted to breach protocols this wouldn't be happening. But now we don't need to replay history, but actually salvage things. So forgive me if I really couldn't care less in what you would like!


HAERIN: Good. The creatures are a gift. We developed a means to capture them from the cloud, and put them into a form of stasis. And, as energy creatures, they are able to be comfortably compressed into the box.


HAERIN: Several dozen. Each of which, while sharing traits with each other, are noticeably different from each other in mentality. Additionally, they share some of the traits of the Jenatris cloud in that they appear to mutate and change at times and seemingly based on those traits.



Telnoth Kylon Haerin



as simmed by

Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker


USS Atlantis

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